• Business Development Programs For Equine Supported Professionals

    Whether you are ready to move beyond six plus-figures

    (yes, it happens)


    Just starting out

    We have training and support to fit your needs.

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    "Soleful" Marketing And Business Foundations

    Lay the foundation to build, scale and sustain a six-plus figure Equine Assisted Business.

    Are you ready to:

    • Increase revenue, hit 6+ figures in your business AND sustain it?
    • Offer classes, retreats, or workshops?
    • Leverage your work from one to many?
    • Figure this whole horse business thing out?

    This 12-month program includes a combination of private training, twice monthly live group training calls, and a live 2-day intensive.

    Whether you are seasoned or just starting out, our "Soleful" Marketing Foundations Program will give you traction to increase revenue while reclaiming time and freedom. Check it out - Click Here.

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    The Life Changing 2-Day Intensive

    Are you looking for a way to get past that "stuck" feeling?

    Tired of coming up against your same old "stuff"?

    Would you like to finally break free of the invisible

    barriers holding you back so that you can become

    the best version of YOU?

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    The 48 HR BreakthroughTM - Facilitator Certification Program

    Lead this powerful life changing 2-Day Intensive!

    The 48 HR Breakthrough™ Facilitator Certification Program is how, as a coach, consultant or Mental Health Professional, you can add a new revenue stream to your business with a done-for-you program that delivers breakthrough coaching and measurable results for your clients

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    Take leadership in your time, money, energy, and environments

    The 48 Money builds on the work of the first 48 Hour Breakthrough - High Performance Thinking™ by taking business owners and professionals deep into the dynamics of their money, time, and energy to break out of the box that keeps results on a plateau and create a clear cut strategy for greater results with less effort!

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    Discover The 48 HR BreakthroughTM - Money
    Facilitator Certification Program

    Lead This Powerful Deep Dive Into The Dynamics of Money, Time, Energy, and Environments

    Learn new ways to take your clients on a deep dive with the horses in areas of money, time, energy, and environments.

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    Growth And Profits - Kick Start Program (GAP)

    You're Certified To Use Horses With Humans....Ready to grow and scale?

    This program guides you through:

    • Designing, marketing, and delivering your classes, workshops, or retreats.
    • How to sell your services.
    • Developing your team.
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