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    Soleful Six-Figure Golden Horseshoe Club

    Build your dream and transform lives

    while finding freedom and flow!


    Business Development ~ Marketing ~ Messaging ~ Mindset ~ Coaching ~ Training ~ Accountability ~ Support ~ Strategy

  • Why "Soleful?"

    Like the sole of a horse's hoof, you want your business healthy, balanced, and striking in rhythm so you increase revenue, lead teams with ease, and experience more freedom.

    A Unique Community

    Building an Equine Assisted business can feel lonely and confusing. You have so many questions about HOW. 

    This is a unique community designed specifically for you to grow a dream business while growing yourself. 

    What if...

    Six+Figures with horses was easier than you thought? 

    You had guidance from experienced professionals every step of the way? 

    You created the life you have been telling yourself wasn't possible?


    Are you ready? 
    Join the club!

  • Soleful Money and Mindset Club Supports Building Your Dream Every Step Of The Way

    This program supports an increase in earning potential by filling your offerings, workshops, courses, or sessions with ideal clients who are happy to pay for your services.

    It gets your business on a new track, letting go of old challenges like undercharging, over-delivering, slow growth, or lack of clarity and know how.

    Growing and scaling into 6+ figures goes beyond delivering a series of workshops. We can help you get the systems in place to grow, sustain, and scale your practice.

    Soleful Money and Mindset Club supports list growth of ideal potential clients quicker and more easily with tools that will help you achieve your goals. And, it holds you accountable to implement the steps necessary for success.

    Whether you are a seasoned Equine Assisted Professional or beginning your own service based business - Soleful Money and Mindset Club gives you the tools needed to bring form and function to your heart centered business.


    Soleful Marketing & Business Foundations is self-pacing program so you get exactly what you need for where you are at in business.


    Soleful Money and Mindset Club Includes:

    • 2 Live Q&A training calls with Coach Lora per month for Q&A and accountability.
    • Member portal with recorded trainings so you learn at your own pace. Get exactly what you need when you need it.
    • Worksheets for each module to guide you step-by-step.
    • Private Facebook group to get feed back and share ideas.
    • Mission, Vision Values Lab. These are often overlooked or ignored and are the north star for your business.
    • Design, Write and Automate lab. This live training helps you design a repeatable event, write compelling copy and automate your sales pages and emails.
    • Advanced Implementation Lab every quarter. A special 2-hour live training with Coach Lora or one of the Soleful Coaches to look at your copy, landing pages, website, or whatever you are needing help with.
    • 2 - live retreats to breakthrough barriers keeping you stuck in cycles of limitation. The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ and The 48 Hour Money Breakthrough™ are both designed to get at the subconscious programming that holds you in patterns of limitation and develop strategy for a leap forward.
    • Copy writing lab to help you write marketing copy that attracts your ideal clients.
    • Technology lab to simplify and automate your business. Better utilize the platforms you already have and learn to operate others.
    • Money Mindset Matrix Master Class - 4 week online training to reset your money mindset to freedom and flow.
    • Branding with Archetypes VIP session (includes Branding Cards)
  • Money & Mindset

    Mindset is the horse power behind your profit and strategy.

    The horses are inviting you to build your dream....in this video.

  • What past clients are saying...

    You can build the dream ~ 6+Figures and beyond!

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    "Things were status quo and I needed to figure out how to go to the next level – to create more. I needed outside support with knowledge I didn’t have.

    The team at HorseBusinessWhisperer.com helped me leverage my time and expertise.

    I play more now and we are tracking to break 7-figures this year!



  • Six Figure Leaps Happen With Six+Figure Thinking!

    Transformation and Growth Begins With Mental Fitness

    Attend these 2-day intensives anytime throughout the year.

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    The 48 HR Breakthrough™

    For more than a decade, the 48 has been responsible for catapulting business leaders & visionaries to greater success.

    We believe so much in the profound impact this workshop has on clients, that made it an integral piece of Soleful Money and Mindset Club.

    • Belief determines reality - Believe outside the box.
    • Uncover thinking patterns holding you in patterns of limitation.
    • Build solid strategy to confidently implement.
    • Disappear the roadblocks in your business.
    • Experience the power of Equine-Assisted Coaching. (No riding; all work is done on the ground.)
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    The 48 Hour Money Breakthrough™

    Finding Flow In Money, Time, Energy & Team

    • Stop managing time and start living in the present.

    • Find flow in your relationship with money.
    • Discover what your calendar, bank account, business and team is reflecting about you.
    • Clear a path to the revenue and freedom you desire.
    • Re-join the horses for the wisdom shared in Equine Assisted Learning.


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    The Money Mindset Matrix Master Class

    Let's talk about money matters. It does matter in business! This master class is included!

    What if...

    • You could break the pattern of overwhelm and frustration easily?

    • Business decisions got a whole lot easier?

    • The strategies that help you win in the game of business come from a natural strength you already possess and just aren't tapping into?



    Strategy Matters


    Lay the foundation for your 6+figure Equine Assisted Business

  • Praise for Branding with Archetypes

    The Branding work made very clear to me who I am in my business. It connected me with my business model. So now, it’s me doing the work I love. I’m not just going through the steps someone else laid out. Branding With Archetypes connected me at an instinctive level with my vision and goals. Now I know how to brand my business and talk about what I do so that my work is wholly me and wholly original.

    Kaori Toshira, Mental Health Professional, Eagala Certified, Illinois

    • Library of Pre-Recorded Classes

      Each module lays the foundation for your 6+figure equine assisted business.

      Includes recorded trainings + workbooks for each module.

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      Branding Module - Your Uniqueness & The Promise of the Experience

      Your Brand Is More Than Your Logo!

      In this module, we explore your passion and vision for your business by developing your Brand with Branding With Archetypes® - what makes you tick, and how you authentically express yourself through your work. We'll help you identify your unique brilliance, then use this as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents.
      • Branding Sessions to Establish Your Brand Experience
      • Branding with Archetypes Assessment + Bonus Beautiful Training Card Set
      • PLUS Bonus Touch Points Marketing Take Action Session!
      • Capture the spirit, personality and passion of your business into an authentic brand promise to use in all marketing.​
      • Build your logo and other visual marketing materials congruent with your brand
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      The DNA Of Your Ideal Client Module

      Attract a herd of clients that run to your programming

      In this training, you'll use your newfound insight to help you identify your Niche - those people you'd like most to serve, who will appreciate you and benefit from what you have to offer.
      • Gain insight into what makes your ideal clients tick.
      • Discover the profound impact your service has in key areas of their lives.
      • Start attracting new clients with clarity and confidence.
      • You'll learn to create soul-inspired messages that speak to your "herd of clients".
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      Profitable & Productive Networking Module

      Stop collecting business cards and turn them into cash!

      In this training, you'll gain clarity about which groups are best for your business and how to network productively instead of being a collector of business cards.

      • Develop your Signature System to nurture leads.
      • Learn what networking is REALLY 
      • Learn to leverage your time.  
      • Make connections to broaden your contact sphere. 
      • Become THE GO TO EXPERT in your community.
      • Stop wasting time at networking events and start building a list of followers.
      • Get referrals flowing
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      Heart-Centered Packages That Sell


      Learn to Craft Service Offerings Your Clients Will Love

      In this module we train you to rethink the way you offer your products and/or services and the way you deliver them.

      Re-energize offers with packages that are client attractive, highly appealing and practically sell themselves.

      • Create content you can deliver in groups, workshops, as a VIP Day, over the phone or with horses.  
      • Shift out of the trading time for dollars model and into the mindset of owning your value  
      • Stop overloading packages, saving tons of time and energy. 
      • Trim the number of days worked each month, freeing your time and increasing happiness.    
      • Confidently talk about packages using results-based words. Language matters!
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      Your Signature Process Module

      Find flow and freedom

      Let's Build "An Experience" for Your Clients

      Do you feel like you start from scratch with every new client? Do you feel exhausted keeping track of what you've delivered and what's next? We can fix that! In this training you will:

      • Identify your marketable products / services. 
      • Transform that “thing you do” into an exciting Signature System that is easy to market and enroll new clients.  
      • Position yourself as a valued expert in the eyes of your ideal clients. 
      • Create new programs or offers that align with each other – keeping it easy and simple to retain clients.  
      • Develop a signature line of programs, products, or services, unique to you, that you can become known for and deliver over and over again. 

      You are already sitting on content waiting to be fleshed out and packaged into a marketable program.

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      Empowered Pricing Module

      Easily solve the problem of what to charge for your equine assisted services

      Stand in the truth of your value & transform doubt about what to charge for your programs, products or packages into authentic confidence.

      • Create your personalized pricing paradigm to gain unshakable confidence and belief in charging higher fees.  
      • Quickly determine what to charge to create value, without over-delivering or creating overwhelm.  
      • Create authentic and respectful boundaries to avoid over-delivering, undercharging or late client payments.  
      • Avoid making common pricing mistakes that can cost you big bucks. 
      • Easily create massive social proof that your fees are worth every penny.
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      Soleful Sales Conversations Module

      Find Flow, Cash Flow, and Freedom In Your Equine Assisted Business.

      Confident Money And Enrollment Conversations are a must!

      There is a method to holding a sales conversation that flows easily and once mastered, leaves you looking forward to the next one!

      Learn to do this confidently and comfortably so your potential client is ready to write a check because they see the value of what you are bringing to the table.

      Coach Lora shares a decade of experience as a sales manager to guide you through this process.

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      "This whole program has revealed how valuable what I do is. 
      I know what to charge for my services and I have added two new revenue streams. If you already have a business or are thinking about starting one, you should absolutely enlist in this program. It is amazing. It will help you understand what it is you have to offer the world, get it fashioned into something that sells, and help you market your services. We started as a very small operation and are now bursting at the seams of a 10,000 square foot facility. Lora and her team have been a key part of our growth. We took a multiple 6-figure leap.
      If you want a head start towards success, do this!"

      Misti Fry, M.S., CPDT Owner, MVP Canine Life Coach, Springfield, MO

    • Mission ~ Vision ~ Values Lab

      Your North Star is found in this intensive working lab with our Organization Development expert!

      William has taught this subject matter on the collegiate level and is ready to roll up his sleeves to help you set your North Star guiding the direction and decisions in your business.

      6-Week online training
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      What do you aspire to with your business?

      Find your bearing so all movement is in alignment.

      Set the course for the horizon you see in your mind's eye.

      Get expert guidance in establishing this guiding element in business.

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      Gain clarity in guiding your business forward.

      Bringing horses and humans together can be a mission in itself!

      Get clear on the purpose and goals of your Equine Assisted Business.

      A thoughtful Mission Statement gives clarity to your process in achieving the vision.

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      Keep your work centered around what your organization values most.

      Establish values that stay front and center in the journey of your business.

      These give you a litmus test of sorts to back business decisions into.

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      Your Big Money Why

      This important aspect of your business helps you emotionally and energetically connect with your vision adding flow to your work and your cash. 

      Chasing money keeps you in cycles of limitation. When you connect your big why to revenue...you are energetically aligned with your heart-centered business and profits flow easier.


      Put your knowledge and mindset into profitable action


      You have a team helping you build your dream every step of the way!

    • Advanced Implementation Training - 

      Turn Up The Cash Flow Lab

      In Advanced Implementation Training (AIT) we build on what you've learned, put the finishing touches on your presentation, help you spread the word about "that thing you do" and level out cash flow.

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      Insight and Personal Support

      We're here to hold your hand, look at the aspects of your business that need attention NOW, and help you polish your promoting efforts so that you are representing your business well.

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      Open More Doors

      Polish and Promote Your Offers

      • What are you offering?

      • Applying your packaging and pricing.

      • Turn up the cash flow

      • Writing proposals (offered as a separate VIP session)

      • Get in front of decision makers, the process of the proposal

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      Focus On Creating

      • Staying True To Brand

      • Back everything into your branding

      • Using Signature Systems to leverage your time 

      • Constructing new offers and content

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      • How are you promoting and marketing?

      • Your marketing flow of traffic - is it all in one direction?

      • Round Table Discussions with Horses to reach decision makers (great for corporate sector work)

      • Profitable Public Demos to showcase the horses 

      • Where are you marketing?

      • Finding Referral Partners

      • Let's talk social media!

    • Copy writing? Technology?

      No worry ~ We got you!

      Write compelling copy and simplify your technology - we help you every step of the way!

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      Copy Writing Lab

      Horses bring more value to personal and professional development than conventional methods.

      • Learn how to write email and landing page copy that connects with your ideal client.
      • Communicate and connect with your ideal client herd. 
      • Receive one-on-one support from a marketing professional and coach with more than 20 years of experience in communications.
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      Technology Lab

      Technology expert, Angi King will show you how to automate and simplify your business ~  step-by-step! 

      • Create and configure your Mailchimp account.
      • Build an email list (and add people to it.)
      • Design and produce your own stunning emails with pictures, call to action buttons, and more.
      • Connect with your audience by branding your email with a logo, colors and social media links.
      • Build landing pages that bring in clients.
      • Canva? No problem!
      • Learn shortcuts that will blow your mind they are so easy!
    • Meet The Team

      They are dedicated to your success!

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      Lora Newman, M.S., LPC

      Lora, founder of HorseBusinessWhisperer.com, and her team are dedicated to supporting Equine Assisted professionals in growing and scaling their heart-centered businesses.

      She is an author, speaker and the CEO/ Founder of Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, llc, a national company assisting highly motivated professionals.

      She is an ally, mentor, counselor and confidante. She is fearless, nurturing, unabashedly truthful and wise. Her clients love her for her willingness to immerse herself in their business and identify problems or opportunities they may have missed. Many coaches only bring business systems to the table for their clients. Lora transcends systems.
      M.S., Counseling
      B.S., Psychology
      A.S. Veterinary Technology

      Coach U Graduate
      US Army Veteran
      Eagala Advanced and Corporate Certified
      E3A Advanced Certified

      broken image

      Nicole Schanen, E3A Certified, CTA Certified

      Nicole Schanen brings over 20 years of professional marketing and communications experience in both the public and private sectors to her work for E3A. Nicole spent the first 10 years of her communications career doing public affairs work in the telecommunications sector, honing her skills working with corporate executives, lobbyists, lawmakers and community leaders.

      She currently serves as the Shared Marketing Manager and Marketing and Communications Lead for the School of Public Health and the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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      Angi King, GDip IT , BBus

      Angi King helps heart centered business owners lose the stress, frustration and overwhelm of technology to get their businesses online.

      Angi has spent 30+years teaching thousands of people from all walks of life how to easily use computers. Her clients think of her as their very own “Tech Angel”. She gently guides and empowers her clients to create foundational business systems that help them attract their ideal clients so they can easily share their message with the world! Angi lives in her ocean side dream home in Northern New South Wales, Australia with her husband, pet rabbit, fish, birds and organic vegetable gardens.

      She is a certified coach in the training of Louise Hay.

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      William Hancy, MSOD

      William’s work-life journey spans four careers: military, consultancy, higher education, and farming. He served honorably in the United States Air Force where for 23 years, 17 of which were overseas. Upon his retirement, he transitioned to a career as an organizational development consultant, serving two private firms before venturing on his own as a sole proprietor. His clients included school systems, state and federal government agencies, and manufacturing companies. His third career included instructor positions at Champlain College’s Graduate Studies and Stiller School of Business, as well as the Director of Operations at the David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry.

      He earned a master’s degree in Organizational Development from American University/National Training Laboratory and a graduate certificate as a Hopkins Fellows in Managing Change from Johns Hopkins University. He is a Certified Reinvention Practitioner, an Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner, a Strengthscope Practitioner, a Future Search Practitioner, and is Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Qualified. He lives in Swanton, Vermont with his wife Julie, and their Samoyed, three miniature horses, and a flock of chickens.

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      Tim Brock, Equine Professional

      Tim has been training for the public for 25 plus years. Throughout that time he has dedicated himself and his work to creating and strengthening the relationship between horse and rider. His teaching and training philosophy allows that relationship to be beneficial and comfortable for both horse and person. He has competed in colt starting competitions, mustang makeovers, the thoroughbred makeover, and endurance. He has been a clinician at many horse fairs as well as teaching several types of clinics each year here at BC Stables.

      Tim co-facilitates workshops and the 48 Hour Breakthrough 2-day intensives.

      Learn more about his operation at www.bc-stable.com