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    Anne Porteous (MScN, EPC)

    Nursing Professor in the McMaster-Mohawk Conestoga Collaborative BScN Program. Soleful Marketing Foundations Graduate, 48 Hour Breakthrough Certified Facilitator.

    Has Business this program helped me gain new clients? Yes!

    The strategies I learned have helped me sign new clients. Now I am focused on building a great experience for them, beginning to end.

    Anne Porteous - Ontario, Canada

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    Liz Letson, M.S., LPCC

    EAGALA and OK Corral Series Certified
    Founder, Eagle Vista Ranch & Wellness Center

    My business took a six + figure leap after the 48 Hour Breakthrough. The Soleful Marketing Foundation Program and the 48 Hour Breakthrough Facilitator Program both have helped me get clear on my marketing and develop my business.

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    Lia Sader

    Eagala Certified, Founder Stepping Stone Farms, Wisconsin

    Like many Equine Assisted Businesses, I was finding it difficult to get the business off the ground. After working with Lora and her team, the business is flying! We now have a clear path and class offerings that stay filled.

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    Brenda Becker

    LCSW, Eagala Certified

    “The 48 HR Breakthrough™ uncovered what had been torpedoing my business momentum and kept me stuck for so long. Since the 48™ I have taken control of my schedule. Nothing gets put on the back burner.

    I’m on top of all the details of my business now. Because of "Soleful" Marketing Foundations I feel excited now about my business, not burdened. You have to invest in yourself and your business. When I enrolled in "Soleful" Marketing Foundations, I knew what I wanted; I just didn’t know how to get there. Lora and her team have helped me bring form and function to my business.