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Momentum Through The Holidays

Stress Down ~ Cash Flow Up!

A Soleful Perspective On Mindset And Money

When I began my private practice over 20 years ago, I would approach the Holidays with an assumption that no one was focused on their business or their personal well-being because I assumed they would be distracted with the hussle and bustle of the festivities. 

What assumptions are you holding about your business that cause a slow in momentum and cash flow?

I would stop marketing so much or making any offers - it became a time of coasting and waiting until January to begin putting my offers out there. Cash flow would decrease and stress about cash flow would increase. 

What would eventually happen is not only would I begin to see the slow down in December, but first quarter became an adrenaline race as well because I had done nothing to engage my audience. I would get all up in a conundrum and wring my hands about the lack of cash flow.

The stress would continue through first quarter of the new year, year after year. 

Now I am not crazy, but that is acting crazy!

What I eventually realized is that it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was creating a story in my head about others that wasn't true - I was creating my cash flow crunch AND my stress! 

I started wondering and asking my audience what was needed in fourth quarter. I formed offers and put them out there. Bada bing bada boom - stress down, cash up!

I had a mentor that helped me develop a sprint to the finish at the end of each year, to exceed my wildest expectations. I began closely tracking my activity and the results. December is now my highest month all year and momentum carries over into first quarter. 

It wasn't just about me and my business, I also discovered that by not offering support to my audience, I was doing a disservice to them. They needed support from the horses even more so as their stress levels increased during the holidays for much of the same reasons ironically. 

The Holidays can be fun and they can be stressful for many people - who better to help with the stress part than our dear four-legged coaches?


The results and outcomes you are getting in your Equine Assisted Business are running in a 90 day cycle. 

In other words, the results you are seeing in your business right now began generating in the last 90 days. Look back at what you were doing (or not doing) in the last 90 days. This will inform what you wish to do in the next 90 days. 

Look ahead at what you would like to see happening in the first quarter of next year. Step off every action needed to support that goal. Start NOW. 

If you are noticing a pattern of lack luster results, perhaps it is time to get a check up from the neck up? You don't want to be acting crazy like I was.  Maybe a little accountability is needed or maybe a new strategy? Whatever the case, get the support you need to leap. 

The Army taught me - When you assume you make an "ass out of u and me."

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