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The Niching Conundrum

Cash Up ~ Confusion Down

One of the biggest show stopping dynamics I see in building, growing and scaling an Equine Assisted Business is the "WHO to serve" conundrum. 

If you are an Equine Assisted Practitioner, you are gifted in that you have a lot of tools in the bag to support the transformation of others. To begin with, the horses are the“nuclear bomb” of sorts to squelching incongruency and dissonance within humans. Usually, the Equine Assisted Practitioner has other tools and methods to help humans to boot so logically, a larger audience can be served.  

To top things off, Equine Assisted Practitioners have a huge heart for people and horses so the more they can help, the better…right? 

What if you discovered that the more narrow your niche, meaning the more specific an audience you serve, meant that you actually serve MORE people and made MORE money?  

Would it be okay if connecting with your ideal clients got easier? 

When it comes to choosing a niche, most think of the niche as a demographic. You know, something like – I serve women, over 40. That is ademographic. A niche is clearly defined like this:   

The people you serve 

The situationally specific problem you help them solve  


Your specially branded process or journey you take them through to solve that problem.   

Boom – THAT is your niche. 

The tendency is to try to serve the entire human herd on the planet because after all, EVERYONE could use some Equine Assisted work. You will never get an argument out of me on that one. You can read the front page of any newspaper and wish the horses were running things around here.  

If there is one conversation I hold most often with practitioners, it is this one. “So Lora, what niche should I pick?” Usually I am hearing this question on the heels of explaining that the practice currently or has historically served children and adults or some other mix of clientswith some unique aspect to it.  

The tendency is to hold onto perceived security because itis scary to follow your heart and let go of work you have done for years, and done well. 

I get tickled because I am usually not the one that initiated the conversation about the current niche conundrum and then the conundrum ensues because fear sets in. Here is what it sounds like:   

"But I will be leaving people that need help behind." 

Don’t confuse your business with your charity, build your business withyour ideal clients so you can better give to the causes that light you up.     

"I will miss business oropportunities." 

You will be encouraged and pleasantly surprised with the opportunities that show up by putting out a clear and specific message.     

"What do I do with the clients I already have?" 

When you get clear on your ideal client, some of your clients will fit that description and convert into your specially designed programming.

If they don’t fit, you can bring things to completion and help them find services that fit their needs AND they will be better served.     

"But everyonecan use what I have to offer!" 

Remember that marketing to everyone is like marketing to no one.   

When you go deep (instead of broad) into your niche, you will see awhole new world open up for you that will spark your creativity and open opportunities you haven’t seen before.   

I went through it too! 

I go through this ever so often in my career as I find myself honing my niche. Your specific niche will inform your messaging and marketing which directly impacts revenue.  

Here are some tips to help you really narrow down your niche so you can get cash flow up in your Equine Assisted Business.   

At the end of it all, the struggle ensues in your heart because you know you can change the world with horses…and you are only one person. In choosing the direction on the path, which direction creates peace in your heart? 

One direction will take you to your own good (and the good of others) and the other path takes you into alignment with your divine purpose.  

What is the mission and the vision of your business?

What are the values you hold in your business?  

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