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Presence In Growing & Scaling An Equine Assisted Business

It is a multi-dimensional approach



Being an Equine Assisted Practitioner takes presence when facilitating in the arena. Your presence (or lack of it) profoundly impacts each session.  

Your business is a multi-dimensional dynamic and how you presence in each of these dimensions determines the outcomes and results experienced by both you and the people you wish to serve.  

Wouldn’t it be great if all that was needed was a great sales pitch or social media campaign? 

I have been at this Equine Assisted gig full time for more than a decade and coaching for over two decades. A lot has changed in how we market services and the funny thing is, I find there is a shift back to “old school” in some of it. How we used to do marketing and sales is coming back around.  

In the Soleful Marketing and Business Foundations course AND the Growth And Profits Program, the students learn new technology and old school approaches to growing business. Either can be intimidating and knowing the why, the how and the what makes growing and scaling your EquineAssisted Business simpler and less intimidating.   

One client comes to mind that recently had great breakthroughs not only in revenue, but also in confidence. This situation involves a married couple each bringing a different skill set to their work with horses.

Like most Equine Assisted Practitioners, they were focused on being really goodat their craft and processing clients with the horses.  

They believed, among many things,  that because their facility was so far out of the way of the nearest city, that it would be difficult to populate their programs, not to mention how in the world would they ever get folks to understand the power of the horses. This led them to not hold a strong presence in their community. 

They also struggled around money conversations and HOW to engage the people they wished to serve. The presence held in these dimensions of business felt shaky to them. 

Fast forward to the completion and application of the G.A.P. (Growth And Profits) Program – they filled their very first public demo with a wait list started for the next one. Out of that demo came two new clients with a five-figure end result.  

It is not uncommon to get hyper-focused on just one area of presence in your Equine Assisted Business. Usually, a hyper-focus is taken on facilitation and outcomes with clients. An important aspect for sure! However, the other dimensions of your practice are just as important when it comes to growing and scaling into six+ figures and beyond.  

In our trainings, we take a deep multi-dimensional dive into the facets of an Equine Assisted Business, it is truly a unique endeavor that offers you, the practitioner, an opportunity to stretch and grow as a human being.  An opportunity to hold a more confident presence in all aspects of your business and heck, your life! 

If all you wish to do is re-create classes and hold them, there is nothing wrong with that at all. If you are wanting to build and scale to six+ figures and beyond with the horses and not burn out, it is going to take a multi-dimensional focus and presence that once in place and mastered,turns into a beautiful expression of you and the brilliance of your horses.  

Where you presence and how you focus grows. Where you focus is an investment of your time and energy with a return on that investment. What ROI are you desiring?  

If you are ready to get down to the business of developing a Soleful Six+Figure Business with simplicity, you are invited to our free upcoming online training :