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    Welcome To The HorseBusinessWhisperer.com Community!

    We come from many backgrounds. We have different expertise in varying methods with horses. We practice in every corner of the globe, near communities big and small. Our individual goals may vary, yet our core values align and we share one common objective: to make the world a better place through our heart-centered equine facilitated/assisted work.


    The equine business model is not for the faint of heart. It has many moving pieces that must be cared for and managed - the horses, the volunteers, the staff, the facilities, the marketing, the money to operate - all of that must be handled before you even get to help the clients.


    We are on a mission to help support YOU - the unsung heroes doing equine-facilitated/assisted work - and the growth of your business. Our goal is to create a community where we can share, encourage, learn, and grow so that we can bring greater hope and healing to the world with horses.


    We support the growth of your current practice using the certifications you already have in place.

    (Eagala, E3A, PATH, OK Corral, Horse Boy Method, Natural Lifemanship, EPONA, etc... Not trying to leave anyone out here)


    Business Development for Equine Supported Professionals.

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    A 7 Figure Mindset (or even 6 figure mindset) happens before the results.
    Free online training that includes an Equine Assisted Coaching session with the Mustangs of Steadfast Steeds in Colorado!

  • Connection & Confidence

    Create intentional connection with your ideal clients and hold confident enrollment conversations while converting them into raving fans of the horses.


    Five Day Challenge!

    Taking your vision of a heart centered business takes more than desire and excitement. When the hoof hits the dirt, the challenges show up. You are in this to help others grow and heal.
    We want to help you serve more clients and give your horses a raise!
    Begins October 12th!



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    Short Answers To Some Commonly Asked Questions.

    Who can join HBW.com?

    Anyone equine assisted or facilitated work - regardless of existing professional affiliations - you are welcome here. We are inclusive because we believe there is strength in numbers and power in generous collaboration. If you are interested in joining this movement...You Are Welcome Here!

    Does HBW.com accept members outside the U.S.?

    Absolutely! We are global in our reach. There are no boundaries on the great work our horses (and other therapy animals) do with people. We are here to support anyone who wants our insight, training and encouragement on their journey.

    What can I expect?

    HBW.org is a community offering education, support, inspiration, coaching, and fresh ideas for Equine Facilitated / Assisted Coaching and Learning Practitioners, with special focus in the area of business growth and development.

    What does it cost to join HBW.com?

    Not a penny! Basic membership is absolutely free, as are many of the resources we offer. Occasionally, we will offer our members classes or special events for a nominal fee. None of those are mandatory. Choose the resources that best fit your objectives.


    Have Questions? Let us know!

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