• Move Beyond The Liminal Space That Is Today


    Into A Lucrative, Flowing

    Equine Assisted Business

    FREE Soleful Community Class


    Wednesday, November 29th

    6:30 - 8pm CT / 7:30 - 9pm ET

    Mindset Precedes Results

  • An intimate conversational class to explore this "in between" or liminal space many of us find ourselves in lately and develop clarity for the next steps ahead in our ever-changing world.

    The world is changing quickly and what once worked may not be working so well anymore.


    When you long for a full-time Equine Assisted Business with new clients and more cash flow, it can get discouraging . It’s like the more you want it, the more you can’t figure out how to turn up the cash and client flow.


    A new day is dawning for the horses. People are beginning to understand the power of the horses and are looking for the kind of transformation you offer with horses.

    Are you ready to...

    • Gain clarity and new ideas?
    • Find renewed flow in your equine assisted business?
    • Refocus your passion and purpose in this post-pandemic world?
    • Move out of this liminal space that has kept many of us feeling stagnant?

    Then you are going to love this interactive time with Coach Lora.

    Read the latest blog on "That Liminal Space That Is Right Now" from Zero2Sixty.

  • Here's What You Can Expect...

    • An intimate community conversation with other equine assisted practitioners.
    • Identify and breakthrough barriers keeping you in a holding pattern of lack.
    • Discover renewed passion and purpose.
    • Get your questions answered from a seasoned equine assisted practitioner.
    • Reset your mindset for opportunity and possibility.
    • Cross over this liminal space that is right now.
    • Get marketing pointers to help you jump start.
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  • Tap your inner creative genius

    This online forum is not about specific marketing or sales strategies…although you’re pretty much guaranteed to come up some fun new stuff that works because you’re working the creative center in your brain.

    We will toss around the hot topics of today and brainstorm ideas that fit the work your horses want to do.

  • Isn't it time to step powerfully forward with the horses?

  • This FREE Community Class happens

    November 29th, 7am CT / 8am ET

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    Increase awareness

    Uncover subconscious programming holding you in cycles of limitation.


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    Renew passion in your heart-centered business

    It's not so calculated - it's a right brain thing!

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    Begin your leap!

    Develop new ideas

    Stop swimming upstream and find your flow!

    Discover hot topics that are a new version of what you've already been doing.

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    Reset your mindset 

    Empower soleful leadership

    Set your sights on greater possibility and new opportunities!

  • Reserve your seat for this FREE online training

    Soleful Six-Figure Framework - Free Master Class

    Soleful Six-Figure Framework - Free Master Class

    Join us to get the template for your six+figure equine assisted business.
    Replay available for a limited time.
    Coming soon
    Growth And Profits90 Day Kick Start Program (GAP Program)

    Growth And Profits90 Day Kick Start Program (GAP Program)

    90 day program to launch your equine assisted business on a new trajectory of growth in the New Year.
    Coming soon
    Business Breakthrough Strategy Session

    Business Breakthrough Strategy Session

    Private 75 minute deep dive into your programming, get your questions answered and line out the next best steps for you and your business.
    Coming soon
  • Free Community Class


    Will I learn new marketing strategies in this challenge?
    I won’t be teaching specific marketing strategies in this particular event…but because you’ll be more open and relaxed about new possibilities you’ll get lots of new ideas downloaded from your inner guidance if you're open to it.


    I’ve got a lot going on. Will it be recorded?
    YES! You can watch at your leisure. The replay will be up for 14 days afterward.


    I’ve been trying to do this horse business for years - Why should I trust that this will make a difference?
    If you don’t believe this will work, then it probably won’t because you’ve already decided your future. BUT, if you decide that you’re ready to shake things up, and find some passion and purpose again - join us!

    This is your opportunity to take a breather, upgrade your mindset, and hit re-set for a leap forward.