•  Horses ~ Money ~ Chocolate

    Laugh and Learn Online Training

    Experience revenue breakthroughs, have fun and eat chocolate!
    Thursday, February 16th, 2023
    Noon-1:30pm CT / 1-2:30pm ET
    Show your business AND you some love!
    Register by February 8th and get the EARLY BIRD BONUS
  • A high-vibe day to crush limiting beliefs and set your Equine Assisted Business on a new trajectory of kick a$$ success!

    If you’re antsy to get going with the dream of a 6+figure Equine Assisted Business and really, really don’t want it to take forever and a day, (cuz, clearly, waiting sucks!) then let's change the pattern! A pattern where you and the horses win.


    When you long for a full-time Equine Assisted Business with new clients and more cash flow, it can get discouraging . It’s like the more you want it, the more you can’t figure out how to turn up the cash and client flow. 


    I know because I did it for years. It made me nuts to know what I wanted was possible…I just didn’t know if it was possible for me.


    There is a pattern to that "thing you do" everyday in your business and once you decode the pattern - it gets EZ PZ to get the right actions going on the right things at the right time. 

    If you want to...

    • Give up the pattern of working too hard.

    • Stop spinning your wheels.

    • Release stress and say, "YES!" 

    • Have fun while you learn.

    Then this fun business development virtual online training is going to give you mega relief because it’s going to bypass the part of your brain that wants to struggle with living your dream with horses. 

    "Lora nails it on every level. We have gained confidence and clarity in moving our business forward!"

     ~ Blaine Scott, Steadfast Steeds, Colorado

  • Here's What You Can Expect...

    • Stop yearning and start earning by stepping out of fear and into money making bada$$ mode (Yes, you have one!)
    • Breakthrough barriers keeping you stuck in cycles of limitation.
    • Gain a fresh new perspective on your work with horses.
    • Laugh and learn along with fun prize drawings (books, chocolates, gift cards, and more!) throughout the event.
    • Line out action steps you can take immediately to grow your Equine Assisted Business!
    • Identify your money super power and how to lean into it to grow your Equine Assisted Business - get the free assessment.
    • Ask the online horses for their wisdom. 
    • Discover that the grass is chocolatier on the other side!
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  • Engage Your Inner Creative Genius

    This inspirational online training is not about specific marketing or sales strategies…although you’re pretty much guaranteed to come up some fun new stuff that works because you’re busting the old box way of thinking. 

    This is a major money mindset upgrade with some kick a$$ actions that generate real results so you can can keep the horses gainfully employed... heck, even give them a raise!

  • Horses ~ Money ~ Chocolate takes place Thursday, February 16th.

    Noon-1:30 CT / 1-2:30pm ET

    A virtual laugh & learn!

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    Discover your money personality

    Take the assessment to discover your Money Personality ~and what horses and chocolate have to do with it.

     After all, how you do money is how you do everything...even horses and chocolate!

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    Laugh ~ Learn ~ Win! 

    Two-leggeds learn best when having fun!  

    Prize drawings throughout the event - books, chocolates, gift cards, and so much more!

     Eat chocolate - a necessary food group.

    Develop action steps to powerfully drive your Equine Assisted Business forward. 
    Get Business Insights Breakthrough Coaching

    Discover what kind of horse and chocolate your money personality gravitates to.

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    Business Insights Breakthrough

    Breakthrough barriers in business.

    Discover your money super power and lean into it.

    Pinpoint actions to put into play right away!

    Leave with your game plan in hand.

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    Wisdom And Insights From The Online Horses

    Let's tap into the magic, medicine and message only the horses can bring to your powerful work.

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    Register by 2/8/23 and get bonus Money Mindset Upgrade Call

    February 9th, Noon-1pm CT ​

    • Participate in a powerful interactive exercise to attract the life and business you really want. 
    • Gain clarity about the vision you hold of your business...make it real in all aspects of your life.
    • Identify much needed upgrades in your environments (no and low cost upgrades) that support the upgraded version of your life and business.


    $550 Value



    Private Money Archetypes Reading with Coach Lora


     Coach Lora has been helping leaders break free from limiting beliefs and lack luster results for over 23 years.  Grab this opportunity to focus on you and your business.  

    Pinpoint blindspots, identify time and money leaks, and where small tweaks can make a HUGE difference.

    • Uncover core beliefs silently standing in the way of your dream business with horses.

    • 60 minutes focused on you and your business.

    • Gain tips and insights to take action toward your dream.

    • Get the next best steps for the growth of you and your business!


    A Beautiful Set Of Money Archetype Cards

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  • Horses ~ Money & Chocolate $37


    Will I learn new marketing strategies in this challenge?
    I won’t be teaching specific marketing strategies in this particular training…but because you’ll be more open and relaxed about money you’ll get lots of new ideas downloaded from your inner guidance if new marketing is the optimal way for more money to flow to you. 


    I’ve got a lot going on. Will it be recorded?
    YES! You can watch at your leisure. The replay will be up for 30 days after the event.


    How does this apply to my Equine Assisted Business?
    There is a psychology to money and business. How you interface with money impacts the decisions you make in your Equine Assisted Business. You will identify the blind spots costing you in business. Fun always apply to business.  


    I’m sold on Horses, Money & Chocolate, but should I upgrade to VIP? 
    If it piqued your interest, it’s probably a good move to upgrade. If you keep hitting a wall in your Equine Assisted Business, you will love love love this one-on-one session to identify core beliefs silently standing in your way. Plus, you’ll get huge benefit from the 1:1 intuitive hit from me to increase your income. It’s often the simple things that allow you to have breakthrough…we’re just used to making things hard. ;-) 


     Enroll in Horses, Money & Chocolate + upgrade to VIP below.

    Still on the fence or don’t know if VIP is for you? Email me!

    I’m Coach Lora, Leadership and Mental Fitness Coach. After 23+ years of liberating business owners from the curse of “lack” and the myth of “not good enough,” I know, without question, you can create your dream business with horses and impact masses of people (even if you’ve been struggling for years) if you’re willing to flip the switch in your thinking, put the old-school rules out to pasture, and stay true to what lights you up and turns you on. 

    Whether you’re ready to up level your income from good to great or you need to be able to pay your feed bill without breaking into a sweat… …this is your opportunity to take a breather, upgrade your mindset, and hit re-set for a leap forward.


    "Horses, Money and Chocolate is enlightening and a blast!"

    ~Deborah Pierson, NM

  • Horses ~ Money & Chocolate


    Soleful Six-Figure Framework - Free Master Class

    Soleful Six-Figure Framework - Free Master Class

    Join us to get the template for your six+figure equine assisted business.
    Replay available for a limited time.
    Coming soon
    Growth And Profits90 Day Kick Start Program (GAP Program)

    Growth And Profits90 Day Kick Start Program (GAP Program)

    90 day program to launch your equine assisted business on a new trajectory of growth in the New Year.
    Coming soon
    Business Breakthrough Strategy Session

    Business Breakthrough Strategy Session

    Private 75 minute deep dive into your programming, get your questions answered and line out the next best steps for you and your business.
    Coming soon
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    Lora Newman, M.S., LPC

    Author, Speaker, Business Leadership & Mental Fitness Coach


    Lora, founder of HorseBusinessWhisperer.com, and her team are dedicated to supporting equine assisted professionals in putting passion and profits into their heart-centered businesses.
    She is an author, speaker and the CEO/ Founder of Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, llc, a national company assisting highly motivated professionals.
    She is an ally, mentor, counselor and confidante.  Her clients love her for her willingness to immerse herself in their business and identify problems or opportunities they may have missed. Many coaches only bring business systems to the table for their clients. Lora transcends systems.

    U.S. Army Veteran
    M.S., Counseling, B.S., Psychology, A.S. Veterinary Technology
    Coach U Graduate
    Her team is comprised of 9 Horses, 3 Mini Donkeys, 1 Therapy Dog, and and many humans