• The Next Soleful Marketing Online Training

    Design an engaging, repeatable event that's the perfect fit for your ideal client

    Write compelling copy that speaks directly to them


    Simplify your email marketing efforts

    6 Week Online Training begins April 19th, 7-8pm CT / 8-9pm ET

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  • Its time to put your Equine Assisted dream business on a new trajectory to greener pastures! This rich, online training will help you:

    •  Break through confusion and self doubt.

    • Set up systems to make marketing your programs easier and less stressful.

    • Connect the horses with the people you most want to serve!


    You've taken the trainings and received the certifications to facilitate human growth and transformation in partnership with the horses. 

    You're excited about what you and the horses can do to improve the world and people's lives. You've had some successes, but you aren't sure how to grow this thing even bigger. 

    You aren't a marketer or a writer, and you really don't want to be. Just hearing the word "technology" overwhelms you. 

    We get it. And we have great news! You don't have to figure it out on your own. We're here to help.


    It's time to transform marketing your Equine Assisted Business into ease, grace and joy! 


    If you're ready to figure out the whole "what to write" / opt-in/email system thing, you're going to love this online training!

    We are going to walk you step-by-step through a very simple process of:

    • Streamlining your event.

    • Writing the perfect copy to authentically connect with your ideal clients.

    • Creating email and opt-in pages to help them easily engage with you and the horses.


  • Here's What You Can Expect...

    • Confidently design a program that leaves your ideal clients wanting more. 

    • Learn to connect and nurture the audience you serve so it continues to grow.

    • Breakthrough barriers keeping you stuck in cycles of frustration and lack.

    • Gain new confidence and knowledge in setting up emails and opt-in pages.

    • Trade in second guessing yourself and start connecting with clients.

    • Simplify gaining leads and communicating with potential clients.

    • Stop floundering and start flowing.

  • Engage Your Inner Creative Genius

    This online training is designed to give you knowledge and confidence to gain new clients in your Equine Assisted Business and to stimulate your inner creative genius as you create a new normal. 

    This is a major marketing upgrade that will generate real, practical results -- so you and the horses can make the impact you know you're meant to make. 


    It all begins April 19th at 7pm CT 

  • Are you ready to shift into flow?

    Here's how it will all go down

    Get Into Action!

    Design your repeatable event that connects your clients to the horses

    Find your authentic voice so you can genuinely speak to your audience! 

    • Increase confidence and get excited about sharpening your marketing and messaging. 
    • Design a dynamic event that naturally leads to the larger scope of your work.

    Refine your niche and clarify messaging

    Get clear on who you are connecting with the horses.

    • Define your niche (and it's not a demographic)
    • Shift into an expansive mindset around your niche. 
    • Develop your master list of key words to spark creativity in your marketing efforts. 
    • Polish the Unique Brilliance that only your horses bring!

    Master MailChimp Basics

    MailChimp expert, Angi King will show you how ~  step-by-step! 

    • Create and configure your Mailchimp account
    • Build an email list (and add people to it)
    • Design and produce your own stunning emails with pictures, call to action buttons, and more
    • Connect with your audience by branding your email with a logo, colors and social media links

    Opt-In Page Basics 

    Set up inviting opt-in pages

    • Learn  the components to develop a successful Opt-in page
    • Create and customize your opt-in page
    • Save time by automatically adding registered participants into your email list
    • Streamline to a "one-click" experience.

    Copy Writing Guidance!

    Horses bring more value to personal and professional development than conventional methods.

    • Learn how to write email and opt-in page copy that authentically connects with your ideal client.
    • Communicate the features and benefits of your offer in a way that motivates and inspires future clients to engage with your offer and enroll.
    • Receive one-on-one support from a marketing professional and coach with more than 20 years of experience in communications.

    Let The Horses Do Their Work 

    Gain confidence as you build your marketing prowess.

    Goodies & Bonuses

    • Title Template - for ease of getting your kickin' title.
    • Closed Facebook Group for coaching and accountability.
    • Opt-in page "must haves" checklist.
    • 5-step checklist to branding your email marketing.
    • Template for writing compelling emails.
    • And MORE!


     Business Breakthrough Session

    Personalized help with your copy

    Three heads are better than one!

    • Private 1:1 session with Coach Lora.
    • 1 extra 60 minute call with Coach Lora and Nicole to review your copy and tweak.
    • Identify blind spots keeping you in patterns of limitation.
    • Free Money Personality Assessment.
    • Understand your Money Personality and how it impacts your business decisions and marketing.
    • Get the next best steps for the growth of you and your business.


    $500 Value



    Get A Private Business Breakthrough Session with Coach Lora + 2 extra 90 minute classes with Coach Lora and Nicole to hone in on sharpening your copy.


    Invest an hour focused solely on you and your business + 2 additional sessions to sharpen your marketing.

    Coach Lora has been helping leaders break free from limiting beliefs and lack luster results for over 20 years.  Grab this opportunity to focus on you and your business.  

    Pinpoint blindspots, figure out what you have been overlooking, and where small tweaks can make a HUGE difference.

    • Uncover core beliefs silently standing in the way of your dream business with horses.

    • Identify blocks in your marketing efforts.

    • Tighten up your email and opt-in page copy.

    • Lora and Nicole will be hands on to help you with what to say, how to arrange copy, or designing your client attracting offer.

    • Schedule the private session individually and join us November 16th at 7pm CT / 8pm ET.

  • Your Soleful Marketing 

    6-Week Online Training + Bonus Sessions!




    I’ve got a lot going on. Will it be recorded?
    YES! You can watch at your leisure. The replay will be up for 30 days after the end of the last training.


    I’ve been trying to do this horse business for years. Why should I trust that this will make a difference?
    If you don’t believe this will work, then it probably won’t because you’ve already decided your future. BUT, if you decide that you’re ready to shake things up, change your relationship with marketing...this is a fun and quick way to do it for a very small investment. 


    I’m sold on the Soleful Marketing training, but should I upgrade to VIP? 
    If it piqued your interest, it’s probably a good move to upgrade. If you keep hitting a wall in your Equine Assisted Business, you will love love love this one-on-one session with Coach Lora and Nicole to remove the road blocks and amp up your marketing. Plus, you’ll get huge benefit from the 1:1 intuitive hit from me to increase your income. It’s often the simple things that allow you to have breakthrough…we’re just used to making things hard. ;-) 


     Enroll in the Soleful Marketing Online Training + upgrade to VIP below.

    Still on the fence or don’t know if VIP is for you? Email me!

    I’m Coach Lora, Leadership and Mental Fitness Coach. After 20+ years of liberating business owners from the curse of “lack” and the myth of “not good enough,” I know, without question, you can create your dream business with horses and impact masses of people (even if you’ve been struggling for years) if you’re willing to shift your thinking, put the old-school rules out to pasture, and stay true to what lights you up and turns you on. 

    Whether you’re ready to up level your income from good to great or you need to be able to pay your feed bill without breaking into a sweat… …this is your opportunity to sharpen your marketing edge and begin the client flow into your Equine Assisted Business.

    Are you ready for more flow?

  • Soleful Marketing Online Training


  • We look forward to working with you!

    Meet The Team

    Lora Newman, M.S., LPC

    Lora, founder of HorseBusinessWhisperer.com, and her team are dedicated to supporting Equine Assisted professionals in growing and scaling their heart-centered businesses.

    She is an author, speaker and the CEO/ Founder of Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, llc, a national company assisting highly motivated professionals.

    She is an ally, mentor, counselor and confidante. She is fearless, nurturing, unabashedly truthful and wise. Her clients love her for her willingness to immerse herself in their business and identify problems or opportunities they may have missed. Many coaches only bring business systems to the table for their clients. Lora transcends systems.
    M.S., Counseling, B.S., Psychology, A.S. Veterinary Technology

    Coach U Graduate, US Army Veteran, Eagala Advanced and Corporate Certified, E3A Advanced Certified

    Angi King, GDip IT , BBus

    Angi King helps heart centered business owners lose the stress, frustration and overwhelm of technology to get their businesses online.

    Angi has spent 30+years teaching thousands of people from all walks of life how to easily use computers. Her clients think of her as their very own “Tech Angel”. She gently guides and empowers her clients to create foundational business systems that help them attract their ideal clients so they can easily share their message with the world! Angi lives in her ocean side dream home in Northern New South Wales, Australia with her husband, pet rabbit, fish, birds and organic vegetable gardens.

    She is a certified coach in the training of Louise Hay.

    Nicole Schanen, E3A Certified, CTA Certified

    Nicole Schanen brings over 20 years of professional marketing and communications experience in both the public and private sectors to her work for E3A. Nicole spent the first 10 years of her communications career doing public affairs work in the telecommunications sector, honing her skills working with corporate executives, lobbyists, lawmakers and community leaders.


    Eleven years ago, Nicole transitioned to the public sector and higher education, where she currently serves as the Shared Marketing Manager and Marketing and Communications Lead for the School of Public Health and the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


     Nicole recently completed the E3A Level 1 Certification and is excited to share the peace, clarity and wisdom that horses can provide. She believes strongly that horses have much to teach humans about how to show up better for ourselves and each other.


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