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Your Assumption Is Key

The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

In the military I learned that assuming makes an ass out of u and me. The whole point there is to communicate to be clear. Assume nothing. I took this lesson forward to question everything I was thinking and believing. Just because someone says it, does that make it true? What interpretation or spin am I adding to the situation?

We shape our entire reality around our assumptions. The really ironic part of that is that if you asked most people if they were satisfied, totally satisfied with life, they would probably reveal areas they would like to have different and yet, go right on assuming it can't or won't change quickly.

As Equine Assisted Practitioners, we see this in our clients. We know that the communication coming from clients is mostly non-verbal and the horses are reading that communication like a book.

Have you stopped to think about the communication coming from you in regard to your business and the results you desire? If you stop and think about your emotional home for most of the day, what is the dominant state for you? What is your emotional home like?

This emotional state is stemming off of your subconscious beliefs and assumptions about you and the world around you.

What you assume - you take action (or no action) on. For example, if you are assuming quietly in the back of your mind that people will tell you no, or otherwise reject what you bring forward, what happens?

If you assume that you can't go full time with the horses at this point in time, what actions ripple off of that assumption?

If you assume that you cannot exceed multiple six-figures with horses without overworking, what action comes from that assumption?

Your assumptions can be the key to shifting your world for the betterment of all involved.

What do you need to believe in order to powerfully bring the horses forward in promoting your work right now?

Would it be okay if life and business got easier? If you say, "YES!" - I would love to chat with you about your assumptions, bust them, and help you develop new empowered assumptions. Use this link to schedule your assumption busting time with me. :) Click Here