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Ready To Go All Pro?

It only takes one little shift in your thinking!

The dream of going all professional in your Equine Assisted Business is shiny and fulfilling. You see yourself working with and impacting the lives of people you want to serve. Wow, the training and certifications are obtained and perhaps you put yourself out there.

Results aren't exactly what you had envisioned. You think, maybe I need more training, more certifications. That will make me a better ________ (coach, therapist, facilitator, etc...)

So a few thousand dollars later and maybe a year in time, you throw you and the horses out there again....same story different day.

I hear this scenario over and over each week. I've done it too! There are more alphabets behind my name than my name possesses. I've been at this over 20 years now.

The shift is in your mindset, your thinking and beliefs. You see yourself as the coach, therapist or whatever category you see yourself in. If you are just kick ass at your craft, people will flock to you.

Oh man, I so wish that were true. The reality, especially now, is - you have to go all pro. Be all in. You have to leave the hobbyist behind. What does this look like?

1. The horses need you to show up and represent them to others matter what.

2. Focus on the right things that lead to the outcomes and results you desire. (This takes practice by the way, like going to the gym to build muscle.)

3. You put you and the horses out there in a big way. A way that scares the hell out of you.

4. You separate yourself from your craft. Your practice is not who you are, it is what you do. This gets into the self-valuing piece and can really cripple your business if not held in proper light.

5. Take the kuddos and the criticisms in stride. Both are going to happen, especially when you become large and in charge of your work. Others will criticize. People will say, "no." Your work will be copied. The professional takes it all in stride and keeps going no matter what.

6. The pro is able to laugh at themselves. You are going to blunder at times. We all do. It is part of being all pro.

7. Pros invest in themselves and their business. Investing in bettering you and your business is a wonderful investment. There is a return on that investment. The pro is a perpetual student in their business.

8. The pro is willing to think "outside of the box." There is no ONE way to achieve success. It is a subjective experience. There is however, YOUR unique way.

9. The biggest shift you can make in your career is treating your Equine Assisted Business like a business. This means that you generate leads and make sales. The small shift in thinking here that makes a HUGE difference is taking leadership in your mindset, marketing, sales, and business acumen. Realizing that there is a method to building a six plus figure Equine Assisted Business. Become the business professional that happens to partner with horses to ______(coach, heal, consult, etc...) The message from the horses comes through that alignment.

If you are ready to go all pro in your Equine Assisted Business, we would love to talk to you about that.

We coach entrepreneurs from out of money and out of time into wholistic, prosperous leaders.

Click here to schedule a chat with me about doing so. No obligation. No pressure. All dreams grow through communication, which really is synonymous with leadership.