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Hobbyist vs. Professional

Which Are You?

We all share the dream of connecting our horses with the humans that need them for growth and healing, the problem sets in with actually making the connections. Promoting the horses and your business.

In the beginning the attitude is, "let me give this horse thing a try..." and hey, there's a spark of interest. People are intrigued with your ideas, some try it out. You continue to play with it and energy begins to build. You are playing at hobby level. It's your spare time gig. If you have the time, etc...

Eventually, there is the crossroads of full on commitment. There's a break over point where you are called to go "all pro." To showcase the expertise in your business and allow your unique brilliance to shine. You recognize that calling because it scares the hell out of you. Your brain begins to chime in with all sorts of "what if..." scenarios.

It can feel safer to stay in hobby mode and give yourself the reasons and excuses to play it safe. This creates a building of frustration because the dream continues to develop, you look around and begin to ask, "why not me?"

I want to encourage you to go full out pro NOW. This point in history is ripe for the healing and growing power of the horses. A space has opened up in our world that the horses naturally and easily speak into. It is we, the Equine Assisted Practitioner, that have the choice to step powerfully into that space. We have the choice to inject the power of the horses into the wounds of the world.

What does going all pro mean?

It means you are willing to:

  • Be uncomfortable promoting the horses.
  • Stretch beyond yourself.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Conserve your energy (not wasting it on worry.)
  • Learn how to hold a powerful presence where the horses are needed.
  • Work on you so you show up powerfully for others. 
  • Make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Commit to doing whatever it takes - no matter what.
  • Be responsible for your outcomes and results.
There is nothing wrong with hobbyist. If that is what brings you joy - this is awesome! However, if you are frustrated because you feel in limbo between hobbyist and pro - I would love to talk to you about the next best steps to turn pro. It is easier and quicker to bring about than you may think.