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Your Alter Ego Of

Freedom, Joy & Success

"She Wants Out To Play!"

Remember when? In the beginning of your business with horses, excitement and possibility ruled the day. So many directions opened up and the vision in your head was full of excitement, the energy was strong.

 You came home from your certification training to light the world on fire.   

EVERYONE was your client. A full-time gig with horses! Giddy UP!

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Then it happens, all the moving parts begin to show up - gaining clients, pricing, finding help, weather, business development, and on and on. 

Oh, you experience successes that encourage you to keep going along the way and then one day you find yourself worn out with all the moving parts and managing things that you either don't like doing OR don't know how to do.

 You may think, all I need is a strong social media campaign, so you sign up for the low or no cost class on running FB ads…hmmm, I hear Dr. Phil here,“How’s that workin’ for ya?”   

You may have even hired someone to help with marketing, signed up for sales classes or entire programs that line things out for you and still…not where you want to be.  

Getting caught in the minutia is normal and you don't have to stay there!

There is an alter ego of freedom, joy and success screaming inside of you to express herself and she is consistently fed reasons and excuses to keep her at bay – continuing to play small.    

There are two main reasons your alter ego of freedom, joy and success does not get the air time she needs and deserves: 

1. Lack of know how in business. 

2. Subconscious programming / your core beliefs keeping your freedom, joy and success muted. (Mental fitness)   

The first point can be easily handled with an investment of time, money and energy. There are programs galore out there and it is a matter of finding the one that works for you. Unfortunately, many don’t include the most critical component of the second point, your mental fitness.  

Knowledge is powerful ONLY when fully applied. This is where most struggle (I did) because it takes courage to put yourself out there and being in business for yourself is personal.  

The second point is a little trickier - Your business is a reflection of you. Your bank account reflects how you perceive the value of your services.  With that being said, confidence is key.

You will market your business only to the level in which you are comfortable being seen and heard. 

Confidence is huge in this arena of business. I can’t help but note how confidence has been shaken up in the last two years…a pandemic, societal unrest, the most tumultuous election cycle in history, economic black swan event,… you get the picture.  

When this happens, the uncertainty takes a bite out of confidence that was already challenged to begin with. 

You have a picture in your mind of the life and business you want to manifest with horses. Your alter ego of freedom, joy and success is restless because she knows: 

· You have the most powerful transformational being housed in your barn. 

· Your message can help humans heal and grow(and it is badly needed right now.) 

· The value on what you offer is priceless.  

When is a goodtime to get started with it? 


Here is what Google says about “Alter Ego.”

1.-A person’s secondary or alternative personality. 

EX: In the flesh she is a million miles from her photographic alter ego.

2.- An intimate and trusted friend 


When I look at the definition from Google above, what strikes me is that the creative person you truly are is held secondary AND could be your best friend in realizing your dream.  

Are you ready to let “her” out to play? I hope so because the world needs her and the horses in the most significant way right now.  

The good news is, you can take action today, right now.

  • Get clear on your vision – where / who do you aspire to be?
  • What is one step (even small is ok) you are willing to take in the direction of that vision?  
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. After all, staying in the comfort zone is not comfortable either.
  • What evidence is showing up indicating you are in motion toward your vision? (even a tiny piece of evidence counts)EX: You are inspired to _________.  

Freedom, joy and success are already knocking at your door, you simply have to open it and allow “her” in! 

We would love to play with you and your your alter ego - give you a shot of confidence…join us at the upcoming Soleful Spring Virtual Day Retreat!