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How Horses Model Vulnerability In Marketing Your Equine Assisted Business


You got the certification to work with horses and humans. Check. 

You took some classes (maybe) on how to structure, price and promote your Equine Assisted Business. Check. 

Now you find yourself frustrated with finding the flow of clients in it all. I’ve been there.  

In my everyday work, I see two common thinking patterns emerge here:

1. Training is needed in how to niche, price, package, sell, market – and it is. 

2. Another certification is needed (and that is not necessarily true.) 

Now, let me be clear here – you do want to know how to niche, price, package, sell and market to your audience.  

You definitely want to be trained and certified in some way to work with humans and horses, but the ONE THING that will hold you back after all of that, is your ability to be vulnerable in your marketing and sales.  

The hard truth in it all is this: You will market your business only to the level that you are comfortable in being vulnerable and being seen. 

When you come home from training excited about the business you have always dreamt of and it doesn’t go off as planned, the natural assumption (and a correct one) is that more knowledge is needed in HOW to build the business…the mechanics of marketing.  

I wish it was as easy as hiring someone else to market and sell for you. If it were that easy, we’d all be vying for that company. They still need the deep dive into the unique brilliance of your particular workwith horses to write and develop kickin’ copy.  Plus, they aren't with you 24/7 when opportunities to connect with potential clients arise. 

Gaining clients in your Equine Assisted business is more than mechanics. It’s also your willingness to be vulnerable that makes the difference. You see, every time you send an email, you are putting yourself out there. Every time you talk to anyone about your business, you are being vulnerable.  

Vulnerable to what? Rejection, judgment,embarrassment and any other fear you can conjure up. Underneath it all is a core belief driving the playing small or hesitation. 

How do you become comfortable in spreading the word powerfully so you attract the clients (and a steady flow of them) that you wish to serve? 

Take a deep breath here and think about the horses. Have you ever noticed the “approach and retreat” dynamic with horses?  I have utilized this technique in getting my horses comfortable with those “spooky things” on the trail like bear rocks ordowned mountain lion trees.  

I ask them to get a little further into discomfort each time we approach until they are calm with a nose on whatever is causing the spookiness. Some things take longer than others and that’s ok. It takes aslong as it takes.  

The art to master here is becoming comfortable with uncomfortableness. You know, the type of thing you may ask your clients to do with horses. 😊  

Develop your own “approach and retreat” regimen here. This may feel counter-intuitive to you, and it can help you move your business forward.  

It's true that you may need some training to fill gaps in your business and marketing toolbox, but most of all, you need to ACT on what you learn. Try things. Make mistakes. Learn. Try again.    

Marketing is always an experiment and the more you do hard things, the easier those hard things become.   

When you do get scared and overwhelmed, and your monkey mind starts catastrophizing, return to the facts. 

- Nobody died because you sent them an email. 

- If they aren't interested, they are free to ignore you. 

-Remember the people who DO want to hear from you, and the positive impact you and the horses can make in their lives.   

When you gain confidence your potential clients also gain confidence in hiring you. Your willingness to be vulnerable gives others permission to do the same.  

Ironically in riding, your horse also gains confidence when you do. Funny how confidence is so contagious.  

If you are ready to gain ground in your confidence with marketing your Equine Assisted Business, check out the upcoming online training. 

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