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You Are Not Your Results

You Are Far More Powerful Than You Realize...Time To Own It!

You are not your results.

You are not your bank account balance.

You are a powerful creative being that partners with the most powerful transformational being on the planet.

Write this down as an affirmation because it is the truth. Cut through the bullshit of the mind chatter that tells you otherwise.

I have led classes and workshops for over two decades now and the resounding theme that has surfaced in everyone of them is, "I'm not enough."

You got into the work you do with horses for a reason. If you are utterly honest with yourself - it is because you were trying to figure your own conundrum out along with a desire to help others do the same.

The rub here is that you learn and become brilliant in your work. This is true because you have already helped someone else heal and grow. With growth comes healing at some level. For some reason, perhaps it is our hardwiring as humans, the tendency for self-value is to look outside of oneself instead of in. We grapple for "proof" that we are good enough, valid enough, effective enough. The outside world becomes a mirror that no matter how hard you try, the majority of the reflection is "less than."

I'm curious, what wouldn't be happening in your life and business right now if you weren't captivated with the opinions of others, the fear of _____, or the worry of not being good enough?

The truth of the matter is this: You are far more powerful than you realize. Your horses are waiting for you to actualize it so they can get down to the real work you both are meant to do on this planet. Stop fidgeting over yourself in the metaphorical mirror - focus on getting the horses connected with the humans that need them. Let's get down to business here. Life is short and the horses don't have time to diddle around. Let's get down to the business of why you are here in the first place.

Lick and chew (like the horses do) on that one. Drop me a line. I would love to hear your responses.

Until next time, keep it soleful!