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The Real Work Of An Equine Assisted Professional

Get out of the way so the horses can do their magic

Do you ever "arrive?"

That depends on your perspective and definition of arrival.

Do you wish to be the "best coach, therapist, or whatever title?" OR do you wish to impact a growing number of people with the horses? OR Maybe both. Or is it something else?

What does "arrival" mean to you?

Most keep "arrival" out there somewhere in an area that is never reached because truthfully, it is avoided because it requires stretching from the comfort zone through the discomfort zone.

The discomfort zone has reasons and excuses like:
"I don't know" or "I don't know how"

"I'm not good enough"
"Who am I to ____"
"I'm not a finance person, I'm a therapist/coach/____."

And the list of self-stopping statements continues. Unfortunately for many, this is the stopping point. Contracting in happens instead of asking for help to expand out with your brilliance through the horses.

The greats in any craft have asked for help. They have kept someone in front of them, pulling them forward.

What is the area that is causing you to hesitate or stop?

Where do you need help to expand your work for greater impact?

Who can help you?

What is it costing you to stay stuck?

What becomes possible for you if you achieve the dream?

The horses are waiting to be connected with the people that need them and they can't fulfill their purpose if you are busy worrying about what other people think, failing, looking stupid, not being good enough, etc...

The thing to remember here is that the real work of an Equine Assisted Professional is two fold:

1. Effectively create and hold space for the horses and clients to do the work of healing and growth.

2. Effectively engage the market to connect the horses with the people you wish to serve.

That's it. Nothing more. The wonderful side effect of our line of work is that we get the opportunity to work on ourselves, strengthen our inner world as we go along because putting yourself out there takes courage. You believe that this is about you and the opposite is true. The work of an Equine Assisted Professional is really about the horses and the people that need them and the way I see it, EVERYONE needs the magic, medicine, and message of the horses.

Will you join me in the movement of connecting the horses with the people that need them?
I hope so - because together, we can transform and heal this hurting world.

Let's chat about your goals. Get you onto some resources that can expand you and your work of connecting the horses with the people that need them.

Click here to schedule a no obligation conversation. We aren't here to twist your arm into buying something. WE ARE here to inspire you and move your business in the direction of growth and expansion.

Looking forward to connecting with you - maybe our horses can help you? Who knows? Anything is possible with the magic, medicine and message of the horses.