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Action Trumps Fear...


The calling of the Equine Assisted Professional is not mainstream. It is definitely an offering outside of the box.

This can cause hesitation in promoting and selling your services because, how do you get across the magic, medicine and message of the horses to someone that has never spent much time (if any) around the magnificent creatures?

Maybe your inner critic is on a campaign of "I'm not good enough."

Maybe you don't see yourself as the successful and effective practitioner yet. OR maybe you are so busy that you can't see how else to organize the deliverables of your business into a leveraged and next level operation and the idea of a pivot is not appealing, even though you know deep inside this has to be easier.

Whatever the case, action in the direction you wish to go will trump fear each and every time. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

We all live in a box that is self-constructed with our beliefs, fears, and old messaging. It is definitely self-imposed.

What is this costing you? There is always hidden cost in a lack of action. Sometimes not so hidden. It obviously costs you revenue, but what about the impact on your confidence? Your horses? Your relationships? (especially with yourself?)

When you look ahead at the business you really want with the horses, who are you in that picture?

Who are you being?

What happens in your head when you start to take action in that direction? Does the volume on your fear increase?

What do horses do when fear grips them? Doesn't matter if it is a plastic bag or mountain lion crouching in the bush. After all, a plastic bag can be just as treacherous as a mountain lion. Horses MOVE. They take action. They don't stand still waiting for doom. A C T I O N!

When the threat passes, they return to equanimity.

What happens for you when the internal threats crop up? Do you freeze? Do you flee into a menial task that doesn't lead to what you really want?

I encourage you to take A C T I O N! Even if you have to run toward your dream bucking and kicking. Take some action in the direction you want to go.

Let me share a little story here - A client of mine was experiencing resistance to collecting on a debt from a client. You may be thinking - what is so hard about sending an invoice? Or picking up the phone and talking to them? Well, it isn't that simple when you have an internal story of "not good enough" running - and we all have some version of that story running. The interesting thing here is that my client experienced resistance throughout the entire contract. Start to finish. This was a lucrative six + figure contract.

The final bill had come due and it was a fluffy multiple five figure amount. The hesitation went on for over a month. I kept urging a more assertive approach. Finally, the pressure and discomfort of standing still became so great, I pointed out that this was a pattern and gave one of those coaching kicks in the pants.

My client picked up the phone, left a voice mail and six hours later the check arrived at the office, hand delivered. BOOM! Breakthrough happened. There's a new empowered Equine Assisted Professional in town now!

What about you? Are you ready to show up as the professional you know that you are deep down inside?

Are you ready to let "her" or "him" out?

The world is hurting. The horses have the magic, medicine, and strong message for the world, but they can't make the connections with the humans that need them if you are sitting in your office worrying about how you will be perceived in making the offer of healing out into the world. Are you noticing a pattern here? Can you see the discrepancy in this?

Are you ready to shift and get into A C T I O N?! What you have to offer is a unique opportunity.

IF you are - drop me a line. Let's connect and chat about where you want to be in the coming months. Line out some A C T I O N for a leap to your dream.