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What Are You Waiting For?
Your Dream Is Waiting

On Just The Other Side Of Fear

Take A Lesson From The Horses

What are you waiting for?

Procrastination is sneaky because it generates very valid sounding excuses. Excuses like:
"Well, I need to get this one more certification under my belt."
"After Covid lifts, I will...."

"I don't know what is needed or how to proceed, so I had better just stay over here playing it safe."
"I wasn't successful last time I attempted this, so why try this again?"

"I'm too scared, fearful, or what if ______?"

Any of this sound familiar?

One of the gorgeous attributes of horses is they stay ever present in the moment, maintaining homeostasis in safety. They are vigilant of danger, but don't stand around in the pasture making crap up in their heads about the predator that "COULD" be over there.

If horses did behave like humans, I am thinking it might sound or appear something like this:
"Better stay safely right here because there COULD be a mountain lion over there. I heard rumor of a mountain lion in the area and we had better just stay put in spite of the fact that we have eaten all of the grass in the area and need to move on to greener lush pasture, let's just stay here and starve miserably."

Now, this is my attempt at humor and it made me chuckle because my herd would NOT stay put. In fact, I have one horse that will walk right through (or over) the fence to get to the greener lush grass in the neighbor's pasture. He has an attitude of, "Screw this, that looks yummy. Peace out - hey, you guys coming? NO? Ok, see ya when mom gets ready to bring us all in this evening. Would you mind letting her know that I am over here and she will need to come get me if the neighbor doesn't rat me out before then? I don't want to miss my grain supper."

Professionals with their dream actively under construction know that fear is just a part of the day. They acknowledge it, tuck it under their arm like a football and keep running down the field with all the other fears running quickly behind. I realize I just jumped metaphors on you, but hey, it felt right at the time.

Are you being a "lady or gentleman in waiting?" Are the excuses for your staying safely the same sounding valid? Maybe you are waiting for "Covid to lift?" OMG and lol. Grab a Snicker's bar because you're going to be awhile. This one grabbed me for awhile and I wasn't even conscious of it at first. Covid will be here for awhile yet and I figure we offer services outside and in large arenas, a great way to stay safely socially distanced if the number of people allowed is limited.

What are you concerned about or out right afraid of? The attitudes and opinions of others? This puts them in the driver's seat of your business. Who is the CEO of your business? You or them?

Professionals know that fear will up it's game in an attempt to stop them, do it anyway. What is the first step in the direction of your dream? That is all you need in the moment, the next step. Stop looking at the end game and thinking it is just too big to bite off now. The next step is all that is needed.

If you are thinking you want to take the horses into the business arena, but think you don't have anything to offer, think again. Do your research. All types of personal and professional development is being sought after. You just have to make the horses visible to them. You have the nuclear bomb of personal and professional development coaches in your barn. The time to hit the red button of launch sequence is NOW. (Man, am I a metaphor hopper or what?!)

What is the next step? That is all you need to take right now before you begin looking at the next one. You are already a professional, so you know fear is just a part of the gig. It won't ever go completely away, but you can turn down the volume on it by taking the next step.

I have said time and time again in the 48 Hour Breakthrough, "Just because you think it and just because you feel it, does NOT make it true."

Is there really a mountain lion over there or even in the area? OR is it a vicious rumor your monkey mind is making up to keep you safe? Your monkey mind has one agenda: to keep you safely in place. No deviating allowed. Be a rebel. Bust out of the self-imposed box your monkey mind has created and bust through that fence to greener, lusher pasture. Your dream is impatiently waiting on the other side.