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Ease, Grace, & Joy


Fear, Struggle, and Self-Focus

"There is nothing to oppose you but your own subconscious patterns of inferiority and frustration." ~ Raymond Charles Barker

We are our own worst enemy when it boils right down to it. Those old thinking patterns of fear show up time and time again, questioning our validity, value, and virtues. One of my favorite and fun sayings is, "Now, I'm not saying you are crazy, but you are ACTING crazy!"

This applies to every time action is muted by fears that will probably never happen OR fears of rejection that always happen in sales of anything. In fact, there is more rejection in sales than completed transactions. It is a fact and topic for another conversation that I am happy to hold if you so desire.

The real transformation happens when you realize you are not what you think or believe. When you separate yourself from the negative mind chatter in your head. When you stop making your business about you and begin to make it about connecting the horses with the humans that need them. This is where the ease, grace, and joy is found.

Ready to add ease, grace, and joy to your practice? I would love to chat about it. Click here to schedule a no obligation conversation. What do you have to lose? Maybe your fear?