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The Gifts In Being An Equine Assisted Professional

The Magic, Medicine, And Message Of The Horses

It is hard to believe that I have been coaching for over 20 years now and over 10 of them with horses. Where has time gone? As I reflect over the years, I remember struggles and I remember all of the good times. Mostly the good stuff.
I realize how blessed we are as Equine Assisted Professionals and find that there is much to be grateful for. When I reflect on it all, wow - how blessed we are.

Here is what I have noticed -

The gifts in being an Equine Assisted Professional are many:

  • The horses do the heavy lifting in session. I only need to be observant, open to what comes  intuitively, and continue to make the connections in the metaphors that emerge through the horses. 
  • I find meaning and fulfillment for my own life through what is mirrored in my client's sessions AND in knowing that I have brought the horses forward to help another two legged, ultimately fulfilling my soul's purpose on this planet.
  • I am outside where life feels peaceful and expansive. I can feel Spirit at work.
  •  It is a space where my head is quiet and I am in the present moment with the horses and clients. Almost a meditation of sorts.
  • I can ditch the business suits and wear my comfy outside clothes.
  • We are creating and holding a sacred, safe, and quiet space for the humans that so desperately need it, especially now. 
  • They (the clients) find the connection with themselves, the horses, and their spirit. What a gift to give to others. 
  • I am working with my besties, horses and Equine Professional.  We have each other's back and flow in a dance of sorts. 
  • I get the privilege to watch masterful four legged Shamans perform their magic and medicine with humans. 

At the end of the day, Equine Assisted Practitioners are blessed to have a career working with their best friends, express their soul's highest calling, and live an abundant life doing so.

So often, life throws curve balls and it is easy to get distracted from the blessings we have in life. The blessings outweigh all else. How many professionals can say all of this about their career?

I encourage you to share the gifts of the horses with others by shouting it from the mountain tops. Their true gift to mankind is finally being recognized and they can't get the word out without us. They are counting on us to deliver their gifts.

I am curious, what do you enjoy most about partnering with horses in your work? Where does your work and the message of the horses get blocked?

I would love to chat about it. Click here to schedule a chat - who knows, we may identify some things to energize your business. What have you got to lose in holding a conversation?