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The Foundation In

Your Equine Assisted Business

According to Gallup, the number one reason people follow a leader is trust. I was the sales and marketing director in various industries in my previous life and knew the number one reason anyone purchased was – TRUST. 

In my life with horses, trust is foundational. In my professional life, trust is foundational. All of this trust is outward focused.  

The most important area of trust is - DO YOU TRUST YOU? This is the foundation of confidence.  

I recently acquired two new horses on my team and am intrigued as I watch the process of trust unfold with them. I can see it in their eyes, in their behavior, that they are learning they can trust. They are
finding their place in the herd.  

Many of you know I lost my spirit horse, Chief,  in July. He and I had the most beautiful relationship based in trust. This took time because of his prior experience with trainers that did not hold my mindset about horsemanship. 

The thing about it all though is that I had to trust myself in that process. Did I trust myself to handle whatever he would throw at me at that point in my horsemanship development? He would know if I didn’t and there were times that I didn’t. I had to fall back on my trainer to help me understand first what Chief was communicating to me and then HOW to communicate what I was wanting.  

Isn’t marketing your Equine Assisted Business the same dynamic? 

We have all found ourselves frustrated with a lack of growth in business at some point in our career.  

Think about this:
Do you trust / have confidence in yourself to effectively market (communicate) your
services with horses? 

Do you have someone to help you understand what your ideal clients want and HOW to communicate that? 

Developing a relationship with horses is much like developing a relationship with your ideal clients out there.  

You have to be:
Holding a mindset of willingness to ask for help and course correct when things
go south. 

We want to help you with this dynamic in the upcoming online training – Design A Dynamic Repeatable Event, Write Compelling Copy, and Simplify Your Email Marketing Efforts. 

You will:
Work with experts in the field as well as “moi” to build confidence in getting your marketing going and working in your Equine Assisted Practice.
Move into the "can do!" attitude!
Simplify this whole marketing thing.