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Change Is In The Air!

Notes from the Natural Horsemanship Revolution Conference

I am freshly back from the Natural Horsemanship Revolution Conference in Dillon, Montana and my brain is exploding with ideas andexcitement for the horses. This conference raised awareness of the growing need the horses have for us all to step up and give them a voice. The few that have been are tired and in need of reinforcement. 

I am encouraged by influencers like Ty Murray and Kansas Carradine that are doing just that – stepping up to the plate.  

Ty Murray  is a nine-time world champion cowboy. He knows rodeo and recognizes the need for improved horsemanship in that arena. He is beginning to call it out and admittedly is meeting resistance to change.  

Kansas Carradine has a long resume, among which Cavalia is listed. One insight she shared is that she sees great positive change in areas and yet some groups persist in not recognizing the improvements. This keeps the positive changes suppressed.  

Not surprising when the general mindset in the world is about winning and recognition at any cost. The sentient beings that horses are is completely overlooked by rodeo, racing and other horse industries. The old paradigms of more hardware on the head and more domination are fading, but not fast enough.  

In spite of the repeated proof that there is a better way, a path of mutual communication, it still is not widely accepted because it takes too long or it is too much work. 

This conference brought people together from many different walks of horsemanship. Awareness was raised, ideas were shared and an emerging action plan has been seeded.  

Ty shared his new movie, Un-Tyed: Building Rosie. It was moving and inspiring. He partnered with a Clydesdale to perform some amazing things. It is a must see! 

I asked myself, what can Equine Assisted Practitioners do in this time of change? The answer came quickly – get our work out into the world. Get more humans connected with horses so they see it first-hand.  

We hold the power to make it real. To show the world the power of the horse in bringing healing and growth to humans. To put a living, breathing, feeling being into the narrative. The simple act of offering your
work more boldly and courageously is how we elevate the value of the horse in the eye of the public.  

When humans have powerful breakthroughs with horses, something changes inside of them. This is the obvious – but the way they see horses is forever changed.  

It is time to get the word out – give momentum to the movement. I have been your advocate for building the business of your dreams for years, and my vision is to elevate the horses to being the most sought after in personal and professional development - and they can’t do that without you taking some bold actions in putting your work out there on a more visible path.

I am excited about the future and also know that we will meet resistance as any change meets. Together, we can become a force to be reckoned with and give voice to the horses that have been responsible for carrying
mankind forward throughout the ages.  Change is in the air!

More to come on this topic and what I witnessed at this conference. Until then, keep it soleful! 

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