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5 Empowering Beliefs For Greater Results In The New Year!


Holiday Marketing…

There is enough convoluted energy in the air right now to weigh down a good sized horse! Between politics, social issues, the economy, and all the hustle bustle of the Holiday season.

It’s easy to get caught up in it all and derail marketing efforts in your Equine Assisted business. The results you see today began rolling into motion about 90 days ago.

I remember early in my career, I would get distracted during the Holidays and get out of the marketing saddle, so to speak - then January would roll around with nothing going on. OMG!

It would take me about 90 days to build momentum back in my business.

There were some false beliefs biting me in the bank account, like: 

  • I have to invent new material or content every month, people are tired of these topics.
  • No one is interested in my programs during the Holidays.
  • People are too busy with family and gatherings right now.
  • Everyone is out of money right now, so it's inappropriate for me to ask for money.
  • I don't like marketing why bother?
  • I don't know what to say or write this time of year that relates to my Equine Assisted business.

Consider this:

What do you want to see in your Equine Assisted Businessover the next 90 days?

Would it be okay if you had business lined up for first quarter of 2023?

The new empowering mindset that was the game changer for me: 

  1. I can rinse and repeat my offerings with the horses because there is an entire population of people needing and wanting them. The horses bring such a unique approach (even in the dead of Winter) that
    it catches attention.
  2. The Holidays actually bring on new levels of stress for people. (personally and professionally) Who better to help humans de-stress and strategize than our equine partners? Both during the Holiday
    season and after.
  3. People will invest in themselves through you and the horses when they readily see you can help them solve their problems.
  4. Stop all the judgment about who can or cannot pay for services. It is none of my business.
  5. There are people who understand business with horses and can support you in adding simplicity and ease to marketing, helping you with the right words to convey to your ideal clients.

With all of this being said, are you ready to create some change in your bank account? (no pun intended) Add some fluff to it?