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 The 4-legged “Bat Signal” has launched

The horses are ready to respond...Are you?

The 4-legged “Bat Signal” has launched and the horses are ready to respond…are you?

Recent statistics from the APA (American Psychological Association) and AIS (American Institute of Stress) reveal that stress continues to increase among Americans at alarming rates, especially in the area
of money.

The truth of the matter is that people are sending out a signal for help, a “4-legged Bat Signal” of sorts.

What do I mean?

We are still going through change and uncertainty, it didn’t end with the pandemic. The reasons cited recently for underlying stress are:

· Supply chain issues.

· Cyber attack and war.

· Money and the economy

Our horse partners lead clients toward stress reduction, present moment living and creative strategies like Superman lifting folks out of harm's way.

We know that learning and healing happen most effectively through the experiential process. And let's not discount how being in a big open area allows our clients' brain to relax and unravel so that new strategies and thinking patterns can emerge.

I am preaching to the choir here. You already know this.

The opportunity to grow your practice and serve more of the people you and your horses want to serve is right here and now.

How are you answering the call for help?

What can you do to connect your four-legged superheroes with the people who need them?

If you are feeling overloaded, how can you streamline your processes to serve more people with less effort?

The bottom line - People need the horses to heal, transform and grow. And they need the horses to show them how to be at peace in the present moment, instead of struggling in the angst and fear of tomorrow.

You are housing four legged superheroes in your barn. REALLY.

NOW…are you ready to answer the call?

Horses are the most powerful transformational beings on the planet…check out this video as you are invited to join the movement.

If you are in need of a jumpstart…I’d love to help you with that. Drop me an email at to set up a time to talk about bringing clarity and confidence in answering the call.