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I Hate Marketing!

The Energy In Your Marketing Matters!

A Soleful Approach To Marketing Part 1

I hate marketing! 

Ever hear yourself say that? 

I get it – we all got into this business with horses to bring transformation to humans and the last thing on the daily list of “to do’s” is writing copy, sending emails or promoting services to people you don’t

When it comes to this subject, it is common to hear, “I hate marketing!” 

Having said this - Have you ever stopped to think about the energy in your marketing efforts? 

It matters.  

The work you do with horses involves their movement with and around the energy brought to the session by the clients. The horses move in response to that energy. 

Your marketing is the same way! Your audience engages (or not) and moves in response to the energy in your marketing efforts.  

To say you want more clients and then hold the energy of “I hate marketing!” around the intention of growth is what some would call a discrepancy! Definitely incongruent energy.  Growth and contraction collide in this.  

The questions to ask yourself here are: 

What is happening in your marketing arena?  

What patterns are present in regard to your marketing? 

Are your ideal clients moving toward or away? (or no movement at all?) 

What mental energy are you in when marketing? – Resistance to it, hating it OR excited and joyful? 

Are you clear on what to market, how to market and where to market?  
Here are some thoughts to consider:
Maybe you hand it (marketing) off to others and want nothing to do with it – this
leaves your voice out of it. You know your work like no other and you carry the
passion out through your words, either spoken or written. If someone else is
handling your marketing and promotions, give them some written words from you
to add your energy into the message.  

Maybe you’ve taken some courses and still aren’t getting the outcomes and results you want, what needs to shift? Examine your emotional energy while engaged in marketing efforts.

What is it that you really do for others - What sort oftransformation do your horses bring to others?
How does this transformation impact their relationships? Their health? Their
career or financial picture?

Consider the ripple effect of your work. It is HUGE! 

After considering all of that, what would compel you to keep your horses such a secret? You are housing the most powerful transformational being on the planet in your pastures…the world needs them desperately now.

What do you need to believe in order to shout it from the roof tops? 

I hope you choose to make the shift and market out loud!  

The real gift of the horses is here and they can’t get the gift connected with the people that need it if you aren’t willing to shift the energy in yourself. It’s about vulnerability for you the practitioner and THAT is
powerful because when you are willing to be vulnerable – it gives others permission to do the same.  

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