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More Than A "Buy Now" Button!

More Than A "Buy Now" Button ~ The Burden Of Proof Is On You!

Pricing and selling your Equine Assisted services is a psychological endeavor because there truly is buyer psychology behind successfully implementing this.  

The internet is overflowing with tactics on how to sell your services online and some make it sound so easy. Simply set up your sales or landing page and put a “buy now” button in there, send out an email, post on social media, and sit back to rake in the dough. 

Does your sales process (which is all marketing) match the value (which is perception) and price point of your offer? 

A “buy now” button will probably work with a free webinar or price point that is an easy “yes” for an audience of people that are not familiar with your work (aka a cold audience) – IF you are setting it up so there is ample information for them to make a decision with AND you have conveyed high value with it.  

Higher ticket items require a more robust and relationship with your audience process. To set up a sales or landing page, which is a web page with information about your offer, and put a “buy now” button with higher price point services probably isn’t going to work UNLESS you have a foundation laid in doing so. 

People will not pull the trigger on a higher ticket “buy now” button unless they: 

· Know, like and trust you, your organization and the offer being made. 

· Are clear on the value of the offer. 

· Feel certain you can solve their problem(s). 

Another scenario that can occur is perhaps you have increased the pricing on your services, and that is great! However, you must remember that there is a tipping point where your sales process must change with your pricing change. You may find that what once worked no longer works with the new price point.  

What do I mean? 

Let’s say you have historically sold a particular service or package for $2500 and increase the price to $4500, there is a shift not only in the price point, but also HOW your sales process rolls out. 

Previously, your sales process might have included an introductory webinar, then an introductory class at a low price point and then a next step up into a full program at $2500.  

With the price increase, comes a shift in buyer psychology. Not only did your price increase, but

the value shifted as well.   

The burden of proof is on you at this point. 

This means you are required to: 

· Reveal the value that you are bringing with the horses. 

· Identify specific problems being solved in purchasing said program. 

· Why your service is the logical and obvious choice over others. 

· Identify the things that will make it hard to achieve the result your potential client wants and solve that IN your offer and invite them to work with you and the horses.

Your sales process must match the level of your offer. There is a price point where a full sales conversation must come into play. Yes, I said it, you must talk with someone else about investing their hard earned money in themselves, with you and the horses – and this can be very uncomfortable for many.  

Uncomfortable for many reasons that really is a conversation for another day. For now, let’s just stick with HOW you are selling services.  

You may have started with a process like this:

Free webinar or public demo -> low end offer / investment program -> send some emails, make a warm welcoming phone call, send more emails -> enrollment may or may not happen in next level programming. 

Now, your sales process may look like:

Free webinar or demo -> low end offer / investment program-> sales conversation -> higher ticket item. 

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND - that the sales conversation can happen earlier, say after the webinar instead of after the low end offer. Corporate sales are going to typically (not always, especially in the environment created lately) take more of a process to gain enrollment, where as selling to private individuals or business owners can be a much shorter turn around time.  

These are examples and your process really depends on what you offer and how you offer it, which is critical in how you are interfacing or engaging your audience.  

A fun way to look at this is, how would you approach a herd of horses and get them to follow you wherever you are wanting to take them? If you approach in a predatory manner, you know how the story ends. 

If you aren’t getting the results you want in your Equine Assisted business, perhaps it is time to have a closer look at: 

· What you are offering. 

· How you are leading people to your offer.

· The pricing and sales process you have in place. 

· Your conversion rates all the way through your sales and marketing processes. Knowing these

numbers is a game changer. 

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