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No Movement...The Art Of Procrastination

A Soleful Shift In Perspective

The art of procrastination can take on many forms. One being rationalization. Humans are masterful at rationalizing anything. To prove my point, watch the evening news, especially in an election year. This is doctoral level rationalization going on. Just a bunch of justifying unsavory behavior.

When it comes to putting your business out there, it feels like you are putting yourself "out there." This is where the rationalization kicks in. Here's how it might look: you just took the class on how to market and sell (yes there is a difference between marketing and sales) your Equine Assisted Program. It is launch time for your marketing. You feel that fear creeping in. The mind chatter of "what if they don't buy," what if no one likes it?" "what if ____________."

Suddenly you remember the laundry needs to be folded, the dishes washed, and it is time to get dinner on. There just isn't enough time in the day to do it all, so your dream again collects dust on your desk.

The big shift here is to remember that this isn't about you. It is about the horses and the humans that need them. What if you were looking at this from the angle of:
"OMG! The best and most well known coach / therapist in the world is visiting my barn and you are invited to breakthrough what holds you back in finding your joy and purpose in life! This weekend ONLY!" (you might imagine Tony Robbins visiting or some other celeb type)

What shifts for you when you hold that energy in your message. Of course your actual marketing message needs to be crystal clear about what you are offering AND there is an energy to hold about it. That energy comes through your marketing. It is palpable by your audience.

What juices you about your work with the horses?

What are you doing when you lose a sense of time and are the most alive?

What do the humans that you want to serve most need right now...especially now?

Bring that high level of excitement to your marketing and watch the magic happen as your horses get connected with the humans that need them. There is actually a formula to help you thwart procrastination and rationalization in my book, 90 Days On The Path To Success, Building Health, Wealth, and Abundance. I encourage the participants in the 48 Hour Breakthrough to use it to increase thinking performance.

Once you create energetic movement in your marketing and sales, cash flows ~ there is tremendous value in the work you do, but that is the topic for another conversation. Until next time, keep it Soleful.