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Let Go Of The Reins...Gallup To Your Dream

The Push ~ Pull Of An Equine Assisted Dream

"It's one thing to study war and another to live the warrior's life." ~Telamon of Arcadia (mercenary of the 5th century B.C,)

Isn't that the truth? When putting yourself out there, it can often feel like a battle, mostly inside of you. The fear pulls hard on the reins to stop you and your dream wants to bolt forward. I have often felt like that horse that can't get ahold of his head to run forward because the fear has me bent around sideways awkwardly bouncing sideways.

You can get all wrapped up in preparing, learning, studying, and any other activity that keeps you in a holding pattern. When what you really want to do deep inside is bolt forward, put it out there, connect the horses with the humans that need them and experience the joy of doing so. This is the point of your inward battle.

Studying HOW to build your business is one thing - actually fully engaging that process is another. It is a battle and an experiment all at the same time. Where I started is definitely not where I am now in my business and this is a good thing. Many mistakes, blunders, and otherwise less than joyful experiences have happened along the way. The horses and I have helped many, many people, experienced joy and abundance as well. It goes hand in hand. There is no magical formula to success that is void of the pitfalls and fear. Oh I would be wealthy if there were. :)

What is the worst thing that can happen in releasing your fear, getting both eyes squarely on the goal and letting that dream steed inside you run full out toward your dream?

It may surprise you on how liberating and light it feels. I would love to discuss your dream about your Equine Assisted Business...let's chat. Click here to schedule a chat.