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Movement ~ No Movement?

When clients engage an Equine Assisted session, there may be movement in the horses or there may not be. Either way, it can bring meaning and context to clients. Your Equine Assisted business is the same way. Somedays there is obvious movement and other days (sometimes too many in a row) there is no movement.

Are you ready for your own session here?

Take a deep breath - if there is no movement, what is going on with "no movement?"

Take a moment to journal. In my experience of coaching Equine Assisted practitioners over the years, "no movement" can be happening for a myriad of reasons and is usually driven by fear. Fear of being seen, fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of __________ fill in your own answer here. The conundrum is that you are brilliant at what you bring to your work with horses, but the form, function, marketing, and sales are not necessarily flowing easily. Add Covid-19 and that takes it up a notch in complexity.

Why is "no movement" happening?

Sometimes, "no movement" is being misinterpreted when there actually is movement, you are just not seeing the movement you want to see, like on the revenue needle. You may be moving in setting up systems and processes, getting your services lined up in a package, or learning something to add to your business.

Perhaps there is "no movement" in the areas of marketing and sales - why is this? Lack of clarity in some area? We tend to get frozen when we "don't know." This is probably one of the biggest ways I see high functioning professionals get stuck - telling themselves, "I don't know." With the current economic climate has come a lot of changes in how we need to market and deliver services, so it is easy to fall into the "I don't know" trap.

You will market your business only to the level that you are comfortable being visible.

What is one step you can take to cause movement in your Equine Assisted Business NOW? The horses are ready to help this wounded world heal and grow, but they can't do it without you making the connections they need to make with the humans that desperately need them.

If you are ready to cause some movement - maybe a leap in your Equine Assisted Business, I would love to hear about it. Email me, Let's have a look at the actions you can take now to connect your horses with more humans.