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The Art Of Niching

The more narrow your niche, the more people you serve and the more money you make!

Niching can be a tricky animal because the natural tendency is to want to be broad and sweeping with it, thinking that anyone with a pulse is a potential client. The truth of the matter is quite counter-intuitive no matter if you are offering Equine Assisted Coaching, Learning, or Psychotherapy.

The more narrow your niche – the more people you serve and the more money you make.


Because you are honing down , getting in their head, speaking directly to them. Here are some examples of what I mean to illustrate:

Business Owners wanting more money, time, and energy


Multiple Six and Seven-Figure Business owners wanting to get teams flying in formation, increase revenue, and experience more freedom in their growth

Middle Aged Women


Middle Aged Professional Women Ready to Leave A Legacy In Life
(narrower yet: Middle Aged Female Executives In Transition To Retirement)

In each example, the first one is rather broad and general. Could be anyone with a business. The question is, are they the ideal client for your work?

It feels uncomfortable at first when you look at narrowing down your niche, but the pay off is beautiful! It offers the opportunity for you to:

  • Work in your Zone of Brilliance with the horses.
  • Ease your marketing because you are speaking directly into their pain points.
  • Get more referrals because you become known for that “Unique Thing You Do.”
  • Make more money because you position as the expert in that realm.

I pay attention to trends because it influences the work I do. One trend that has emerged is in this article from the Wall Street Journal. The link is below. If any of you are working with women, this might be a great niche to narrow into.

If you are ready to narrow your niche, check out Business Boot Camp where we can help you move the needle on the revenue in your Equine Assisted Business.