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Taking Your Horses Into The Personal & Professional Development Arena?

I have been hearing from many of you lately about shifting further into the areas of personal and professional development – taking your horses into the business / corporate sector.


I made this shift over a decade ago and it has been game on ever since.

On the front end, it sounds cool and exciting (and it is) – however, what usually happens along the way is that murky muddy part. Where you begin to ask yourself:

How do I get started? How do I explain how horses will help them and their business?
Who is my tribe…REALLY?
What do I offer? What do I charge?
Where am I going to get started?
When – When do I make an offer? When do I call on them? When do I not call again? When do I reveal I use horses?
Why – What is MY WHY? Why would they work with ME?


And the list goes on and on. I did the same thing, floundered around for awhile working really hard and not making the money I wanted….and I have a background in sales and marketing!

It is no wonder many struggle with starting, building, and scaling an Equine Assisted / Facilitated business. Whether you are offering psychotherapy, personal or professional development – the basic tenants in this line of business are the same.
It is too easy to fall into the trap of customizing offers, charging by the hour, undercharging, and over-delivering.

Making this shift requires:

Courage – to put yourself out there and make mistakes.
Consistency & Clarity – in the offers and messaging you put out there.
Commitment – to never give up. To invest in yourself to learn, be coached, and garner the knowledge you need to grow yourself.
Confidence – in what you have to offer and the power of your horses.

If you are wanting to make this shift OR have already made it and desire to:

Increase Revenue
Experience More Freedom In Your Calendar
Be Confident In Charging What You And The Horses Are Worth, Asking For It, and Receiving It
Clear A Path To Easily Reach Your Goals

DROP ME AN EMAIL! Let’s do a Business Breakthrough Session – it’s FREE! There is no obligation in taking advantage of this.
We will reveal your Money Personality, uncover blind spots likely causing a glass ceiling in your money picture, and establish the next best steps for you and your business to grow.