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Your niche is not a demographic...

It is a culmination of three key elements.

It is common to think of your niche as a group of people in a certain socio-economic status. Or an age bracket. These are demographics. Your niche is at the intersection of three elements:

 The people you serve.

The situationally specific problem you help them solve.

Your specially branded signature process.

It is common to want to throw a wide net on who you serve with the horses and this is counter-productive. It is also counter-intuitive to narrow your niche, but doing so allows you to actually serve more people, thus have more impact with the horses. 

Niching (the "who" you serve) goes hand in hand with branding. Your branding directly impacts the "who" you attract into your business. Of course, the horses are a part of your brand and what uniquely sets you apart in this noisy landscape of personal and professional development. 

To illustrate my point here, think about the clients Subaru attracts vs. the clients that Cadillac attracts. Both great brands with different audiences. Both attract consumers wanting transportation, but for different reasons. Watch the ads on youtube and notice the experience difference. 

If you haven't given this much thought, I invite you to do so. Check how they align with your vision, mission, and values. 

Your brand impacts every aspect of your marketing and sales process. It impacts your personal and electronic presence. 

If you're ready to gain clarity in this area of your business so that you are attracting and serving your ideal clients - check out the upcoming FREE 4-week online training below.  

We would love to help you get more traction in your Equine Assisted Business. 

Until next time...Keep it Soleful!