• Get Your Horses In A Row

    For More Flow ~ 2024

    5-Day Challenge For Equine Assisted Practitioners -

    Get proven foundational pieces needed to serve more humans with your horses!

    December 26th - 30th

    12:30-1:30pm CT/ 1:30-2:30pm ET

  • You're inspired to share the horses and your message with more people. You'd love to have your calendar full of Equine Assisted clients. But...

    • You're not clear how to grow your business.

    • The fear creeps in with overwhelm and you stop before you get going.

    • You question how you can make 6+figures with your heart centered business, especially in this ever changing business landscape.

    I get it! Been there and done that! There's nothing more uninspiring than wanting more for the horses and the people they serve...but not knowing how to get there.
    And let's not forget the whole mindset conundrum here...especially around money!

    The horses are ready and patiently pawing the ground waiting for you!

    Gift Yourself 5 Days To Clarity, Confidence And Cash Flow

  • It's time for flow and freedom

    You have passion about the work with horses. You've experienced the breakthroughs firsthand and you want to bring that to others, but getting to that vision, that next level in your business requires you to get out of the familiar comfort zone. 

    You need a different energy than conventional methods promoted by the mainstream.


    I get it!

    Every business leap I've taken was first met with that inner voice of resistance!
    What if you...? Fail, succeed, get overwhelmed, don't deliver, the list goes on and on!


    What if you succeed beyond your wildest dreams?


    I found a way to overcome that resistance and empower forward movement. 


    You have a mission and a purpose for a world that desperately needs the horses right now...because the horses are the most transformational beings on the planet.


     I developed a framework of foundational pieces to leap forward in my Equine Assisted Business and I want to share that framework with YOU!




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  • Imagine...

    • Uncovering what really keeps you stuck in cycles of limitation (time and money) and creating an empowered path forward to your dream business. 

    • Finding the Unique Brilliance you and the horses bring to your ideal clients and how to amplify that energy!

    • Defining the DNA of your ideal clients and creating a powerful message so you can easily connect with them.

    • Excavating the gold mine you are housing in your barn - when you discover the TRUE value the horses are bringing to the arena of your work - this will blow your mind!

    • Learning the ONE thing you must have to grow and scale a 6+figure Equine Assisted Business.

    •  Developing a strategy to begin the framework of your dream business. 


    This 5-day challenge is designed to give you knowledge and confidence to gain new clients in your Equine Assisted Business.


    Allow your inner genius to lean into your intuition, inspiration and integrity.


    December 26th - 30th  

    12:30pm CT / 1:30 ET 

  • Are you ready to join the movement of bringing horses to the forefront of personal and professional development - making the horses the most sought after method?

    The Agenda...

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    Your Inner Wisdom 


    The Voice Of Fear & Doubt

    Stop avoidance behavior and engage your Equine Assisted Business 100%

    • Increase confidence and get excited about your business.
    • Dispel outdated beliefs and develop a fresh outlook based in expansion and abundance. 
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    Let's find the DNA of your ideal clients!

    Get clear on who you are connecting with the horses.

    • Define your niche (and it's not a demographic)
    • Shift into an expansive mindset around your niche. 
    • Develop your master list of key words to spark creativity in your marketing efforts.
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    Your Uniqueness - Let It Shine!

    Simplify the work you and the horses bring to the arena of your work - make it easier for people to say, "YES!"

    • You will discover that unique formula you and the horses bring to the arena of your work.
    • Learn to amplify it so you attract the ideal people you wish to serve with the horses.
    • Create a pathway to peace and profits - simplify with packaging your work in a step-wise fashion!
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    Excavate The Gold Mine Housed In Your Barn

    This will blow your mind!

    • Discover the TRUE value you and the horses are bringing!
    • Confidence booster for sure - stop hesitating about pricing and money conversations!
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    The ONE Thing...

    Learn the ONE thing needed to grow and scale a 6+figure Equine Assisted Business!

    • You already possess it - it just needs to be strengthened.
    • Create your path to profits and peace!
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    Get out of the way!

    The horses are patiently waiting to connect with the clients that need them, but they can't make that connection alone. 


    They need YOU!

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    Business Breakthrough Session
    Personalized Jump-Start Strategy
    • Private 75 minute session with Coach Lora
    • Identify blind spots keeping you in patterns of limitation.
    • Understand your Unique Money Personality. 
    • Get the next best steps for the growth of you and your business!


    $500 Value



    Get A Private Business Breakthrough Session with Coach Lora, a been there done that coach.


    Invest 75 minutes focused solely on you and your business. 

    Coach Lora has been helping leaders break free from limiting beliefs and lack luster results for over 22 years.  Grab this opportunity to focus on you and your business.  

    Pinpoint blindspots, figure out what you have been overlooking, and where small tweaks can make a HUGE difference.

    • Uncover core beliefs silently standing in the way of your dream business with horses.

    • Identify blocks in your marketing efforts.

    • Uncover energy and money leaks.

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  • Your Soleful 5-Day Challenge


    I’ve got a lot going on. Will it be recorded?
    YES! You can watch at your leisure. The replay will be up for 30 days after the end of the last training.


    I’ve been trying to do this horse business for years. Why should I trust that this will make a difference?
    If you don’t believe this will work, then it probably won’t because you’ve already decided your future. BUT, if you decide that you’re ready to shake things up and step into a new way of doing things...this is a fun and enlightening training to do so. 


    I’m sold on the Soleful Marketing training, but should I upgrade to VIP? 
    If it piqued your interest, it’s probably a good move to upgrade. If you keep hitting a wall in your Equine Assisted Business, you will love love love this one-on-one session with Coach Lora to remove the road blocks and energize your business. Plus, you’ll get huge benefit from the 1:1 intuitive hit from me to increase your income. It’s often the simple things that allow you to have breakthrough…we’re just used to making things hard. ;-) 


     Enroll in the Soleful Marketing Online Training + upgrade to VIP below.

    Still on the fence or don’t know if VIP is for you? Email me!

    I’m Coach Lora, Leadership and Mental Fitness Coach. After 22+ years of liberating business owners from the curse of “lack” and the myth of “not good enough,” I know, without question, you can create your dream business with horses and impact masses of people (even if you’ve been struggling for years) if you’re willing to shift your thinking, put the old-school rules out to pasture, and stay true to what lights you up and turns you on. 

    Whether you’re ready to up level your income from good to great or you need to be able to pay your feed bill without breaking into a sweat… …this is your opportunity to sharpen your edge and begin the client flow into your Equine Assisted Business.

    Are you ready for more flow?

    Whether you’re ready to up level your income from good to great or you need to be able to pay your feed bill without breaking into a sweat… …this is your opportunity to sharpen your edge and begin the client flow into your Equine Assisted Business.

    Are you ready for more flow?

  • Soleful 5-Day Challenge


    Soleful Pricing Online Training

    Soleful Pricing Online Training

    4-Day online training designed to help you confidently price programs and services for your equine assisted business.
    Coming soon
    Business Breakthrough Strategy Session

    Business Breakthrough Strategy Session

    Private 75 minute deep dive into your programming, get your questions answered and line out the next best steps for you and your business.
    Coming soon
  • I look forward to working with you!

    Lora Newman, M.S., LPC, US Army Veteran

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    Author, Speaker

    Business Leadership & Mental Fitness Coach

    Advanced E3A Certified
    Advanced Eagala & Corporate Certified

    I am passionate about Equine Assisted Practitioners stepping powerfully forward to serve the people the heart is calling them to serve.


    I have developed this program for two reasons - this wounded world needs healing, leadership and love injected into it AND the horses are just now being recognized for the TRUE gifts they bring humans.


    The horses deserve to be held in much higher esteem and value - they deserve a better life as a whole. The guardians, Equine Assisted Practitioners hold the power to do this.


    I hope you will join me in this movement to bring Equine Assisted work to the forefront of personal and professional development.