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What's Your Vision?

The first step in developing your equine assisted business and manifesting what you want

Developing an equine assisted business into a sustainable and joyful endeavor is the biggest topic I get questions about.

The usual path we all take is getting trained and certified to partner horses with people. It's exciting and the trip home from training is full of hope and ideas.

The anti-climactic moment - the people that you wish to serve with the horses don't show up..

The conundrums begin appearing:
Maybe it's the price...I am charging too much and you either decrease the price and / or add more content to what you are offering.

You know you are offering an awesome service with horses and no one seems to be hearing you.

Developing an equine assisted business has a lot of moving parts to it. There are horses to care for and manage. This adds more hard costs to consider. There is business accumen to learn (which by the way is not part of the training in most professional curriculum,) and your own mindset, what you believe to be possible for yourself.

THAT is a lot to contend with. Most get into the equine assisted business to help other humans heal, grow and learn through horse interaction...NOT go to business or marketing school. The business development side of the equation can be most frustrating and most avoided.

How do you connect with the people the horses can serve and sell the services?

How do you build your business into a lucrative and joyful endeavor?

The answers to these questions rest upon the vision you hold for your business.

This is the moment of opportunity.

Fortunately, you get the opportunities to grow yourself, not just others. The first step in transforming anything is awareness and clarity.

Cast your vision for awareness and clarity. What is the vision you hold around your business?

Do you see it clearly or is it some number goal you have written down somewhere?

You can't take a trip without getting clear on where you are going. What is your destination?

Your vision encompasses your values, clear images for your mind to connect with emotionally, your big money why (which usually isn't directly about the money) and where you aspire to be with the horses.

It's not something to write down in a notebook somewhere and stick in a drawer. You want to keep your vision in front of you so you are focused on the destination and take the appropriate actions.

A vision board is one great way to get what really matters to you out in a tangible and meaningful way. It gives you mental and emotional alignment with daily decisions and actions needed to move toward what you really want - peace and fulfillment.

Your vision board needs to be a multi-dimensional representation of the human you aspire to be and the world you aspire to create. It becomes an energetic reflection that pulls you toward it.

You want it where you can see it daily. I have mine mounted on the wall I face from my desk so I am constantly seeing it. It excites me.

This clarity lends to the actions that are needed to grow your equine assisted business into the dynamic and fulfilling business you aspire to create. If you can imagine it, you can create it. Maybe not overnight, but over time.

There is a method and a madness to developing out your vision board...another moment of opportunity is here. The 2024 vision board class begins Sunday, January 14th at 6:30pm CT.

Keep it Soleful,

Coach Lora