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Mindset vs. Strategy

A Beautiful Balance

As we enter into a new year...AGAIN...most enter into a contemplation of what the next year brings and what goals to set. I know I do.

I love the turn of the year as it offers the opportunity to shed old paradigms and install new ones. It is a time of hitting "refresh and reset" on life and business.

What I have learned through the decades of private practice is that manifesting forward requires a balance of mindset and strategy.

What do I mean by that?

In business, most will focus on strategy. Strategies to reach that "next level." The belief is that a strategy for marketing, social media, public relations, or some other topic is all that is needed in order to succeed with horses. Strategy is needed and is not the end all be all.

Strategy is only implemented to the level that the mindset is willing to implement.

Put another way, you will acheive only as high as you can see yourself achieving. Your self-identity is a key player here.

Money and Marketing are the two most common areas equine assisted practitioners struggle in, mostly because the study of the two topics is not in the curriculum focused on to work with horses. And yet, just learning strategy only gets you part way to the goal line.

The most important component in both topics is your self-identity and self-value. This area requires personal development work to get the mindset in alignment with the desired outcomes and results.

The topic of money is multi-faceted and highly charged for most people. Most equine assisted practitioners aren't in the line of work with horses with the focus on making money. "It's not about the money" is the common phrase I hear in this area. Yet, horses need feed, farrier, veterinarian, hay, care and omg...the list goes on and on. Not to mention what you the human in the business equation needs, like to make a living.

It's kissing cousin, marketing, is avoided by most. One of the most common phrases I hear equine assisted practitioners loudly state here is, "I hate marketing!" and yet, is a necessary evil in order to connect the horses with the people that need them.

As you plan forward in 2024, are you including a balance of personal development as well as professional development into your calendar? Sharpening your personal edge as well as the strategic edge? Does your current mindset tell you that you can't "afford" it?

Can you afford NOT to work on yourself?

What keeps you from putting you first?

You are the VIP (Very Important Player) in this equation. Without your performance, nothing or little happens. By working on you, you uplevel your work, which in turn uplevels the connections for the horses. It is NOT narcissistic to work on you. It is healthy and imperative that you work on you as well as the strategy.

This is what drove me a decade ago to begin creating business development programs that include mental fitness in them. I love the personal development work, I never know what is around the next corner in my pscyhe. What I do know, is that each time I go through a program, my business is better. I see my strategies from a much higher level.

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