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The Story In Your Head Is Reflected In Your Equine Supported Business

What conversation is going on in your head about you and your Equine Assisted Business?
You have a stream of thought going all the time. If your mind went blank, how would you know?

You spend your days helping others change the story or conversation going on in their head, but what about the story going on in yours?
Who helps you with that one?
Is it an expansive, growth oriented story or dialogue? OR is it one that keeps you playing safe, small – after all, who are you to reach higher?

Does the story in your head inspire you OR keep you safe and small?

Where does that story keep you focused? On your inadequacies and fear of making mistakes OR on the great results you bring your clients and your Unique Brilliance with the horses?

Does that story in your head tell you that it is wrong and narcissistic to focus on your greatness, your strengths, and the power of the horses?
Does it say you aren’t really that brilliant?

That story is being reflected in the outward results of your Equine Supported Business.

What story would you like to be going on in your head?

What story would you like your business to reflect?

One that serves more clients in transformation? Busy horses? Freedom and fulfillment?

We would love to help you change your story.

Click here to schedule your complimentary Practice Profits Assessment.

A private, no obligation, no pressure 60-75 minute session to:

  • Identify time and money leaks
  • Identify the inside story that is causing the outward story
  • Spark ideas on moving your Equine Assisted Business forward
  • Get the next best steps for you to begin playing a bigger game.

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