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ONE THING, One Step, Take It!

The Horses Are Patiently Waiting On You...What Are You Waiting On?

What is that ONE know, the thing that moves you and the horses forward to creating what you feel called to do? That one thing that you most resist doing?

Maybe developing or upgrading your website, blog, podcast, calling on a potential client, raising your fees, investing in yourself...what is that ONE THING you are consistent at resisting taking action on?

You resist, procrastinate because there is always a great excuse to do so...excuses like lack of money, time, knowledge, lack of _______ (fill in your own reason or excuse here.)

That one thing that you know if you take action on, will get the horses out there (and you) to fulfill your soul's purpose.

What if what you tell yourself in the resistance is not true?

What if there really is time for it and you are subconsciously creating time poverty?
What if your life depended on taking action toward your soul's purpose? What would you do right now?

The truth of the matter is - waiting until the lights are all green on the expressway will come the 12th of never.

Coming through the year we have come through and navigating through the days to come mean dealing with fears that are triggered daily. The part of the brain that gets activated when fear kicks in is the amygdala. It can hijack the brain and all reasoning can leave the building, so to speak. This causes us to either fight, take flight, or freeze. Any of those options are moving away from the direction you know deep down inside you really want to go.

Fear of disease, poverty, uncertainty, lack, etc... all take precedence over creating the joyfully abundant life your horses are already living...they are waiting for you to get the word out so they can share this gift of joyful freedom with others.

Today's challenge: What is ONE step in the direction of that ONE THING you have been resisting? The first step - take it today. Make the call, change one thing on your website, begin learning to podcast, hit send...whatever that first step is - TAKE IT! You will find courage then to take the second step.

The horses aren't wasting a nanosecond on worry and false scarcity. Horses don't lie to themselves or others. Follow their lead and stop lying to yourself about your greatness, your worth, your message.

You are brilliant and unique...let that shine through. Take the first step and celebrate even the smallest of wins in doing so.

The horses are patiently waiting on you to bring their message of peace and a new reality...what are you waiting for?

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