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Drive Your Stake In The Ground...

Gift yourself clarity, confidence, and cash flow in 2021

Have you put your stake in the ground to claim your territory? That area that is yours, where you are comfortably the expert. You know your stuff.

Or are you still flailing around trying to find your footing? Making offers that you think others want. Maybe trying to market your services to everyone, because everyone could use it.

As we enter the New Year, this is a wonderful opportunity to get clear on what you want to do with the horses. The landscape has shifted.

Business owners went from a focus of growing and scaling to an energized focus of survival. Survival either because business tanked or because their business went into overdrive with high demand. Not having infrastructure to handle a load increase is crisis causing on it's own.


People experienced isolation, which brought anxiety and depression. Uncertainty fuels this as well. This continues as we enter 2021. Our world needs an injection of growth, healing and love that the horses bring like no other.

Reflection is powerful. When you take stock of all the patterns and shifts that occurred:

What was your 2020 story?

What pivots did you have to make with the horses?

What worked?

What didn't work?

What do you want more of? Less of?

What support do you need now?

As you move forward, get clear on your work with the horses. What energizes you?

What are you a passionate stand for?

The answers to those questions are indicators for you - as to where to drive your stake in the ground. The territory you own. The clearer you get on this allows you to really hone in on who you want to serve with the horses and how you want to serve them.

The narrower your niche, the more people you serve and the more money you make.

Why? Because you engage them as if you are inside their head. You understand their pain and what is really needed. You communicate to them as if there is no other logical answer. It becomes a no brainer that they need to hire you and the horses to help them.

Your energy shifts to exuding confidence, clarity and focus. Not to mention your bank account gets some lovin'.

It can be scary to drive your stake in the ground because you let go of all else. The fear is you won't serve others that also need you. You will lose business (and money.) Actually, quite the opposite is true.

If you feel you haven't yet put your stake in the ground for the work you do with horses, I encourage you to take the time to answer the questions in this post. Journal about your purpose on this planet. How do the horses fit into that purpose?

Once you drive that stake in the ground, embrace whatever it takes to get the word out about your work. Focus on even the smallest of wins each day. Engage whatever support you need to powerfully drive your stake in the ground and step forward with conviction. It may cause heart palpitations, but remember, the horses have your back. This isn't about's really about connecting the horses with the people that need them in the way that you can facilitate.