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Balance & Meditation

A Blog Post by Katie Stankiewicz

· Personal Growth

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." - Ecclesiastes 3-1

This empyrean message, which encircles your soul, is meant as a catalyst for a life that holds balance and moves with you, through the seasons. Summer, with a less intense air, free from totally constricting schedules, has exploded into a haze of demands – school, business, end of the year goals, the list goes on! The fall miasma of hectic schedules, is out of control and picking up speed.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

Overwhelmed? Yes!

But you have a choice. You can continue this frenetic lifestyle or clear a path through the chaos within by choosing a season of quiet composure. You can become mindful of your well-being. Mindfulness, meditation, balance and setting realistic goals are "how" you find the halcyon rhythm within the seasons of your soul.

Mindfulness anchors you in the present, with a focus on now. It is a state of being that truly reduces the burden of past thoughts and the weight of future worries. It is possibly the most difficult yet the most productive of lifestyles. Centering yourself in the present produces positive energy. You harness that energy to the "here and now", mindful of your immediate world. Mindfulness unfolds to meditation.

Meditation is a quantifiable way to surrender the grips of chaos. It is a serene respite, allowing a sense of peace to penetrate, paving the way for powerful thoughts, clarity and happiness. Strength of mind is empowering. Meditation wraps you in a personal space honing your focus and shutting out distractions. You invest in your thought process and perceive situations more clearly fostering balance. Balance is an ebullient force maximizing the process of meditation. It is the internalization of self actualization.

The insightful, instinctive sense solidifies your goal setting process. Realistic goals, set through introspection, have a grounding quality. They are set with the present in mind, successfully achieved, resulting in fulfillment. There is a cyclical sense to the seasons of mindfulness, meditation and balance. Your life has attained a new quality of peacefulness. A time for your well being, prosperity and a time for your happiness. A time for you!

The September Equinox signaled a shift from daylight to darkness. There is a balanced scale and we prepare for deeper enlightenment. This fall, I am embracing this unique time with a more meaningful understanding and enthusiasm for my Eagala business. I challenge you to explore something outside your comfort zone OR, even better, to broaden your skills.

"Immerse yourself in the energy of what you desire."

- Hiro Boga

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Katie Stankiewicz

Advanced Eagala Certified Professional, Eagala Mentor, Certified Leadership Coach IPEC, Master Practitioner Energy Leader Index, SMA Certified

Katie Stankiewicz has always had a passion for horses and a deep desire to see people succeed. She found the perfect fit for her dual passions in equine-assisted personal development. Katie has been blessed to share the majority of her life with horses; she understands their amazing abilities to offer non-judgemental insight to humans. Using horses as her co-facilitators, Katie aids her clients in transforming challenges into authentic success.

Katie founded Willow Equine EAGALA Program to serve those looking to escape the chaos of everyday life, achieve personal growth, or develop team building skills. She’s also the founder of Soul to Sole, a program focused exclusively on veterans. Katie’s facility is nestled in the beautiful North Carolina countryside, which is Heaven-on-earth in Katie’s eyes.