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Make It A Soleful and Abundant Summer

Get out of the slump and into momentum!

It's summer - how are you approaching your business during this time?

Do you say, "my sales go down because people are on vacation, kids are out of school, no one wants to spend money, and on and on and on...? Are you blaming the economy?

I won't argue that some businesses have sales cycles that depend on the season of the year or that the economy has an impact at times. These are facts. However, your services with horses are not seasonal and regardless of the economy - are in higher demand than ever before.

I used to tell myself that July was just dead - no use in even trying to drum up business. I repeated this offense in December. December and July sucked for me year after year. Then, it hit me - I was determining this. Not the month. Talk about giving my power away to the calendar! Ugh.

I got back on my marketing horse and now we just keep galloping through these months. In fact, December is typically my highest month all year.

Watch what you are choosing to believe about your business. It is easier to tell yourself that you will market and put effort in next month and notice what happens when the next month rolls around. Procrastination is an ugly animal.

When you hit the brakes on putting your offers out there, it has about a 90 day window of impact. If I have a slow month, I can look back at about 90 days ago and pinpoint my lack of marketing.

If you are experiencing slow Summer months, here are some prompts to help you get into motion toward hay money:

  • Don't believe everything you think! Ask yourself if what you are believing about the lull is true - get the facts of it, not your best friend's opinion.
  • What would I rather experience instead?
  • What do my ideal clients want and need right now - ask them! You can develop your offer from there.
  • Create a buzz around that offer.

If you are worried that you don't have an indoor facility - I didn't either for years. We were always strategic about shade, ice water and the time of day we led sessions with horses. I have led group programs in pouring down rain - talk about much to process!

The bottom line is that you determine the outcomes and results. Who are you being along the way to them? Are you being someone that looks for opportunity and possibility? Your horses are counting on you.

If you would like to get a different set of eyes and ears on your ideas - let's connect and chat a moment. We have a lot of programs that can help you build, grow and scale your business.

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Until next time - Keep It Soleful!