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Java Reflections - Janice Bad Moccasin

Guest Blogger - Crow Creek Hunkpati Dakota Nation

· Guest Blogger
Java reflections and Sweetgrass smudges: Not only is this new year to change, it is power of our thoughts offered up to the universe, our hopes and dreams. Is it changes or transformations, changing behaviors return to old behaviors of its original state, transformations are the new flows that shift us into a greater state of being, from caterpillar to butterfly. When we begin to live in circles of life versus cycles of same patterns and behaviors, we acknowledge there may be imbalances in our patterns. And there is a dream to be in harmony with ourselves and others including the universe and stars. Sometimes we crave connection, ones own self fulfilling happiness, or chase happiness which can become lonely eventually. In my own struggles, I've learned I can reset my thoughts to my best self the inner truth by living in the circle, a hocoka sacred circle of my own thought process and my spiritual needs. The circle would take me on a journey of unbecoming and unlearned, two parts of myself, one who chooses to open her heart to this natural circle, in dakota teachings, its called the medicine wheel which provides restoring the spirit. The other part learning from the cycles which did not create a refreshing spirited life for me. I discovered that if I chase, control, expect, its not going to feel true to my spirit. In my previous years of being in a relationships, sometimes I wasn't truly happy when I see people involved were hurt. I struggled with this for a very long time until I followed my own heart and choices not to hurt people on my expense of chasing happiness. Learning I was living in my own cycles, just another day, that gave me the ultimate push to transform versus holding on to the idea of changing. I took the plunge and risk of being happy all alone by myself. When I began to think in circles, mother nature's course, I felt so connected to something greater than myself. Later I learned in life, this medicine wheel of life is my spiritual compass and my blueprint in life, await me and I am so grateful today. I can proudly affirm, I am no longer lonely, I am alone at times, its how I choose to spend my own time as we can become bankrupt on our self quality time in this world of stress and busy lives. I can imagine myself walking in rhythm and plugging into the takuskanskan everyday, at times when I don't, I am aware to remind myself to plug my spirit into this circle of life, the ultimate sacred space. I am happy that I actually trusted something, the horses, our Dakota/Lakota Indigenous wisdom from all directions of people, mentors, places and horses, including the universe, the ultiimate movement of the universe called Takuskanskan, which is told in oral tradition, this is the natural course of the universe and everything in its presence and essence. Today I can honestly share my journey of reflections to offer wisdom and the power of winyan intuitive grounding. The java reflections will soon have a page of its own once I figure this out, which means they will be longer. See what a cup of java and sweetgrass can behold to a great start for the day, anpetu teca. 
This was posted in her facebook page January 2, 2019
About the author: Janice Bad Moccasin, (Tashunka Wapiya Win: Dakota for healers with horses)
Crow Creek Hunkpati Dakota Nation
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