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Attracting Clients Is Simple...

Clarity and consistency is key!

As Equine Assisted Practitioners the focus is on helping clients get aligned with what they say they want. The horses are the medium which paints and transforms that picture with the client.


Are you in alignment with the life you desire in your head? Are you taking aligned action and BEING that person? It's a great check in to make periodically. I always find the dull edges when I do this. Maybe you have a dream of working with clients on a larger scale or find getting off the launch pad not so easy and...

Maybe you have thoughts like:
"I don't have the money / time to ________."
"I just need a social media strategy."
"I don't want to offend people or come off being all about the money."
"This is too __________."
"People just don't understand what we do with horses."

So you throw up a few announcements in FB, send out an email and pin a flier up at the local coffee shop, only to find yourself frustrated with the results.

I know exactly how this feels because I spent years caught in this crazy making cycle. I would surpass the six-figure mark, but worked my backside off getting there. OMG the crazy making it caused.

Here's the thing about gaining clients - you will market your business only to the level that you are comfortable being seen and people are highly distracted these days. Distracted with all the crazy making in the media, supporting a family, taking care of others, and feeling energetically / emotionally fractured.

This means you must have clarity in your messaging to connect the people you want to serve with the horses and consistency in putting it out there. It takes time and repetition to build the momentum. This timeline can happen quicker than you think however!

What I have learned over the years...
The energy and content you put into it matters more than the tactics and strategy. I was gaining ground from the excited energy I held around the work with horses, but my messaging was not consistent and clear.
My blind spots were keeping me out of alignment with what I was saying I wanted.

I was saying I wanted one result and my actions weren't aligned for two reasons -
1. I had internal dialogue that did not support me in powerfully putting the horses out there.
2. I needed simple strategy that worked for ME...I needed authenticity in the work, not just a mechanical checklist of items "to do" in order to gain what I wanted.

Keep it simple!First - figure out the "what" you and the horses are really doing for folks. What work just puts you in your "zone?"

WHO specifically are you wanting to work with? Who lights you up? This is not a demographic, this is a group that has a situationally specific problem you want to help them solve through working with the horses.

Figure out one or two pieces of that overall program you offer and create a little taste test of sorts for the people with that problem (or people that can connect you with that audience) and offer it out consistently each month or period of time.

Be clear about what they will walk away with as a result of attending your "taste test" with the horses.

Be clear about where / how they can continue working with you and the horses to truly solve the issues at hand. Have your invitation into your main program ready.

Make it as simple as possible for them to join and get information. People need to be told what to do next in finding solutions nowadays with all the noise out there.

Are you ready to find alignment and flow, get into alignment with that life and business you really want?

Isn't it time to begin the journey?

We would love to help you do just that in the Design, Write and Simplify 6-week online training.

Design your repeatable event.
Write compelling copy.
Simplify your email and technology.
It includes bonus sessions PLUS a virtual session with the horses!

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